APNIC Members can play an active role in the regional and global Internet resource community by nominating candidates and voting in APNIC elections. APNIC strongly encourages Members and the Community to participate in the election processes.

APNIC Executive Council (EC)

Elected members of the APNIC Executive Council (EC) play an important role in the community.  Successful candidates serve a term of two years.

About EC Elections | Election Process | Corporate Documents

Number Resource Organization Council (NRO NC)

The NRO NC consists of representatives elected by the Internet Community or appointed by the Regional Internet Registries. APNIC-elected members of the NRO Number Council also participate on the ICANN Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC)

About NRO NC Elections | Election Process 

Elections take place at APNIC Member Meetings during approximately February (EC) and August (NC) each year.

Specific details regarding these elections are published on the relevant APNIC Conference website.