About the APNIC Executive Council

The EC elections will take place during APNIC 57. APNIC members may vote via MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication. Online voting opens for APNIC Members on Friday, 16 Feb 2024 and proxy online voting opens on Friday, 01 Mar 2024.

The final list of nominees has been published on the APNIC 57 website.

The APNIC Executive Council (EC) serves as the governing board of APNIC, as defined in the APNIC By-laws. Each member of the EC serves a two-year term of office but is eligible for re-election at the end of each term.

The APNIC EC consists of seven elected members and the Director General of APNIC. A Council Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary are elected by the EC from the seven elected EC members.

Any APNIC Member may nominate any individual to serve on the APNIC EC.

See a list of the current APNIC EC members.

The APNIC EC meets four times per year at regular intervals. The minutes of these meetings are published approximately one month after each meeting.

Read more about the roles and obligations of the APNIC EC.

How is the EC Structured?

EC responsibilities

As part of the APNIC EC’s role, it manages the activities, functions and affairs of APNIC, including the establishment of the basis for APNIC’s budget and activity plan.

Each year, the APNIC EC, in consultation with the APNIC Secretariat, determines the activity plan for the following year and adopts a draft budget based on the activity plan. The proposed activity plan and budget are published ahead of the APNIC AGM for feedback and comments from APNIC Members.

At the AGM, the APNIC EC presents the activity plan and budget, and discusses them with the APNIC Members.

The APNIC EC is responsible for the final adoption of the budget after receiving feedback from APNIC Members. APNIC Members have the right to review and/or to amend any decisions of the APNIC EC by a 2/3 majority of the votes of the entire membership.

Membership Dues/Fees

Under the APNIC By-laws, the APNIC EC has the discretion and power to reduce or waive the requirements of fees for deserving organizations from year to year. Under this power, the APNIC EC has discounted the membership dues/fees payable for Members from least developed countries by 50%.

Are you interested in becoming an EC member?

Please note that positions on the APNIC EC are currently voluntary, and APNIC may not be able to reimburse EC members all expenses associated with their APNIC duties. Where possible, APNIC will reimburse actual expenses for attendance at APNIC meetings, provided these fall within budget and cash flow constraints.

If you are interested in nominating an individual, or if you are interested in being nominated as a member of the EC, please read the Duties of the Executive Council carefully.

Read more about APNIC EC elections.

Contact the APNIC EC

The APNIC EC welcome comments and suggestions from APNIC Members and stakeholders. Contact via the EC Submission feature in MyAPNIC or via contact form.