About the APNIC Executive Council

The APNIC Executive Council (EC) consists of seven (7) elected members and the Director General of APNIC.

A Council Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary are elected by the EC from the seven (7) elected EC members.

The EC members elect and appoint a Director General who manages the day-to-day running of the General Secretariat. The Director General also participates in EC meetings and is a fully qualified member of the Executive Council by virtue of his office (ex officio).

This takes the total number of EC members to eight seven elected members from the member community and the Director General, who is appointed by the seven elected EC members.

See a list of the current APNIC EC members.

In addition, the EC appoints an Executive Secretary to supervise the conduct and functions of the EC.

EC responsibilities

The main duties of the EC are set in place by the APNIC By-Laws.

Minutes of EC meetings

The procedures for the Conduct of Business for the APNIC Executive Council are also available to the public.

Executive Council minutes are available approximately one month after each meeting, once they are approved at the following EC meeting.

Are you interested in becoming an EC Member?

Please note that positions on the APNIC EC are currently voluntary, and APNIC may not be able to reimburse EC members all expenses associated with their APNIC duties. Where possible, APNIC will reimburse actual expenses for attendance at APNIC meetings, provided these fall within budget and cash flow constraints.

If you are interested in nominating an individual, or if you are interested in being nominated as a member of the EC, please read the Duties of the Executive Council carefully.