APNIC Helpdesk provides assistance to all on matters related to APNIC Services, such as membership and IP address enquiries.

APNIC Helpdesk offers (through prior arrangement) multi-language phone support for the following: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Bengali, Cantonese, English, Filipino (Tagalog), Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Sinhalese, Tamil and Telugu.

You may also find our FAQs helpful with your enquiries.

Contact details

Helpdesk hours
09:00 to 21:00 (UTC +10)
Monday – Friday
(closed for some public holidays)

ID: apnic-helpdesk

+61 7 3858 3188
Using VoIP
+ 61 7 3858 3199

Service Updates

Service announcement: 8 May 2018

Start: Saturday, 5 May 2018 03:00 (UTC +10)
End:Tuesday, 8 May 2018 12:05 (UTC +10)

APNIC was alerted by the community to a DNSSEC signing failure for on 08 May 2018. APNIC began investigation at 11:00 08 May 2018 (UTC+10) and detected the zone transfer of from our DNSSEC signer to our DNS distribution servers had a “bad zone” transfer status. Further investigation found the automated ZSK rollover for zone was completed as scheduled on 03:00 05 May 2018 (UTC+10). However, the DNSSEC signature for the ‘TXT’ resource record indicated it had used the previously active ZSK id 63316 that no longer exists as a DNSKEY. This resulted in an invalid DNSSEC signature being detected for the zone which prevented publication of the validly signed zone. In order to flush the invalid signature data, APNIC incremented the zone serial number of from our provisioning master DNS server. This allowed the DNSSEC signer to transfer a new copy of the zone and re-sign resource records with the valid ZSK. The root cause of the DNSSEC signing failure was a previously unknown bug in the signing system, which APNIC is discussing with the supplier of its DNSSEC signing system to prevent this incident from occurring again. APNIC thanks the community for alerting us to the issue. APNIC is working to improve its monitoring systems to detect DNSSEC signing failures as they occur.

More Updates

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Learn more about system maintenance

System maintenance

Maintenance window

To ensure high quality, continuous services, APNIC has specified fixed periods to perform maintenance work as follows:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 07:00 to 09:00 (UTC +10)

APNIC will attempt to avoid interruptions to external services, although in some cases this may not be possible.

All reasonable precautions will also be taken by APNIC to ensure that software and hardware modifications made during a maintenance window have been fully tested before being relied upon for external services.

Urgent maintenance

Some maintenance is time critical, especially security-related updates. In instances when system security may be compromised by not acting immediately, APNIC may perform maintenance without prior notification.

Find out about current, past, and other important updates from the Announcements news archive.


Public holidays

APNIC offices and Helpdesk are closed for the following public holidays:

Good FridayFriday, 30 March 2018
Easter MondayMonday, 2 April 2018
Labour DayMonday, 7 May 2018
ChristmasTuesday, 25 December 2018
Boxing DayWednesday, 26 December 2018
New Year’s DayTuesday, 1 January

The APNIC Helpdesk* will still be operating on the following days:

Australia DayFriday, 26 January 2018
ANZAC DayWednesday, 25 April 2018
Royal Queensland ShowWednesday, 15 August 2018
Queen’s BirthdayMonday, 1 October 2018

* Please note, only the APNIC Helpdesk will be operating on these days, via the usual channels (chat, email, and phone). The Registration and Finance teams will not be working on these days, so any communication will be dealt with on the next business day.