Nominations for APNIC EC elections

The EC elections will take place during APNIC 57. APNIC members may vote via MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication. Online voting opens for APNIC Members on Friday, 16 Feb 2024 and proxy online voting opens on Friday, 01 Mar 2024.

The final list of nominees has been published on the APNIC 57 website.

The APNIC Secretariat must receive nominations at least two weeks and no more than eight weeks before the date of the AGM.

APNIC sends notices of when nominations open and close to APNIC Member contacts and the APNIC-Announce mailing list.

All nominations are listed on the APNIC website after APNIC confirms the nominee is able and willing to serve on the Executive Council (EC). All nominees have the opportunity to submit a written statement in support of their nomination. This is published on the relevant conference website.

Nominees must attend the open election meeting either in person or online in order to be elected.

Who can make a nomination?

Only APNIC Members may make nominations. APNIC Members are welcome to nominate a representative of their own organization. The APNIC Member’s Corporate Contact must authorize the nomination.

Who can be nominated?

Candidates do not need to be representatives of an APNIC Member organization.

If you are a representative of an APNIC Member organization, you may nominate yourself provided that you are the Corporate Contact of the Member organization.

If you are interested in nominating an individual, or if you are interested in being nominated as a member of the EC, please read the roles and responsibilities of the APNIC Executive Council.

All nominees must meet the eligibility criteria introduced as part of the reforms to the APNIC By-laws in September 2023. Please see the new eligibility criteria set out under By-laws 34A, 35A, 35B, and 35C here.

Guidance on the eligibility requirements for a company director under Australian law can be found here.

Exempt Organizations

Under the APNIC By-laws (see By-law 35B of the APNIC By-laws), only one individual who has an association with an organization within a Corporate Group may be elected to the EC at any time. This does not apply to individuals who only have an association with the following Exempt Organizations which have been specified by the EC:

  • The Internet Society (and its related Chapters)
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (and its related Supporting Organizations)
  • The Internet Engineering Task Force
  • National research and education networks
  • Network operator groups recognised by APNIC.
NOTE: Please be aware that positions on the APNIC EC are currently voluntary and APNIC may not be able to reimburse EC members all expenses associated with APNIC EC duties. Where possible, however, APNIC will reimburse actual expenses for attendance at APNIC meetings, provided these fall within budget and cash flow constraints.

How to make a nomination

EC nominations must be received at least two weeks before the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Nominations may be made via the online nomination on the relevant conference website. The information included with the nomination is to be in English and should include:

  • Title of nominee
  • Name of nominee
  • Organization
  • Position in the organization
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Street address
  • Economy of residence
  • Reasons for nomination
  • Name of nominator
  • Position of nominator
  • Member organization of nominator
  • APNIC account name
  • Email address of nominator
  • Phone number of nominator

NOTE: : All nominees are contacted via email to confirm their willingness to serve on the APNIC EC. If a nominee is not contactable via email or does not respond, then their nomination will not be confirmed, and they will not be eligible for election.

Once your nomination has been received by the APNIC Secretariat (and confirmed by you), it will be published on the election website.

The APNIC Secretariat will contact all nominees for the following reasons, to:

  • Confirm their nomination.
  • Invite them to attend the open policy meeting and AGM (APNIC does not cover their expenses during the meeting).
  • Advise all nominees that a nominee statement, if provided, is published in the candidate’s listing.
  • Advise all nominees about the role of an EC member, and the associated responsibilities of the role under Australian Corporate Law.

The Electoral Committee may contact a nominee if any questions arise during the due diligence process.

All nominations will be reviewed in accordance with the APNIC EC nominee due diligence procedures. The APNIC Secretariat may contact a nominee if any questions arise during the due diligence process.

Code of Conduct for EC nominees

As a condition of submitting their nomination, all nominees must abide by the APNIC EC Nominee Code of Conduct.