Corporate Contacts

Corporate Contacts are the people authorized by the organization to represent in all matters related to APNIC.

They are the designated contacts who receive important notifications from APNIC.

About Corporate Contacts

  • Every APNIC account is required to have at least one Corporate Contact.
  • A new Corporate Contact may be added either by:
  • Email from an existing Corporate Contact to with the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Position/Role
  • If the Corporate Contact(s) are no longer fulfilling the role, please complete the Corporate Contact Appointment Form and email it to
  • APNIC will add a Corporate Contact after APNIC approves the Corporate Contact appointment submitted.
  • APNIC will delete a Corporate Contact after a request to remove a Corporate Contact has been submitted by a current Corporate Contact and approved by APNIC.

Corporate Contacts authority and responsibility

  • Vote on behalf of their Member organization, or delegate voting rights to other people within the organization as needed.
  • Use the MyAPNIC online facility to manage Internet resources and other account information such as:
    • Update organization’s contact information such as address, phone, or fax numbers.
    • Approve digital certificate requests for non-Corporate Contacts.
    • Authorize and manage Non-Corporate Contacts for MyAPNIC access.
  • Request APNIC to remove an invalid Corporate Contact
  • Identify and add ‘billing’ or ‘technical’ contact people to liaise with APNIC in specific areas such as:
    • Internet resource management
    • Technical issues
    • Administration/billing

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