Editorial comment period for apnic-127-v006

Any new documents, or changes to existing APNIC documents, are posted to this page for editorial comment. This includes any changes to policy documents prior to implementation.

Draft document for review:

Version 6 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies implements two proposals that reached consensus at APNIC 46 and APNIC 47.

  • prop-125: Validation of “abuse-mailbox” and other IRT emails
  • prop-127: Change maximum delegation size of 103/8 IPv4 address pool to a /23

Nature of the document review

This is an editorial review only. Consensus has already been reached on these policy changes.

Therefore, during the comment period, interested parties may:

  • Object to the wording provided by the Secretariat
  • Suggest improvements to any aspect of the document
  • Request that an additional call for comment be made if substantial revisions are required

The following changes were made:

Implementation of prop-125

The implementation of prop-125 is reflected in changes to Section 5.3.4. This policy requires periodic verification of IRT object email contacts in the APNIC Whois (including “abuse-mailbox”, and “email”), and establishes the basic rules for performing such verification, to ensure IRT contacts are as accurate as possible. It describes detailed conditions required in order for contacts to be considered valid (including handling and individual response by recipients), specific timelines required for response to validation requests, and escalation actions in case of non-response.

Implementation of prop-127

The implementation of prop-127 is reflected in changes to Section 6.1 and 6.2.1. This proposal will reduce the maximum IPv4 delegation size from a /22 to a /23. The evaluation will be based on the new criteria detailed in Section 6.2.1.

Review changes

A redlined markup of the changes is available to facilitate review. A draft of the official text document is also available: apnic-127-v006-draft.txt.

Comments regarding these draft changes should be forwarded to policy@apnic.net by 07 May 2019.