Chair Election Procedure Review

Special Interest Group, or SIGs, are an important part of APNIC community life. Each SIG focuses on a particular area of interest and provides the APNIC community with an open public forum for discussion and other activities.

Face-to-face SIG meetings are held at APNIC Conferences, which are held twice per year. Mailing lists provide for communications between meetings.

SIGs are chaired by members of the community with relevant knowledge and expertise. These leaders serve a two-year term and are elected by a count of hands at the beginning of a SIG meeting.

Although Chairs and Co-Chairs perform their role on a voluntary basis, APNIC will begin providing travel support to assist Chairs to meet the requirement that they attend at least one APNIC Conference per year.

Following the introduction of travel support for APNIC SIG Chairs, it was proposed that the community review the SIG Guidelines for Chair and Co-Chair election procedures to ensure they are adequate and clearly explained.

The Chair(s) election procedure impacts all APNIC SIGs.

Purpose of this page

The Secretariat has prepared this page as a reference for these three communities to review the shared procedures. A summary of outcomes will be posted here following the discussion.

Each APNIC SIG will use its own mailing list for discussion. If you wish to participate in the discussion please join one of the SIG mailing lists linked below.

Proposal to Change Election Procedures


Background Information

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