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The charter of the NIR SIG is to share information relating to the operations, policies, and procedures of National Internet Registries with the aim of promoting close cooperation both among the NIRs and with the APNIC Secretariat.

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About the Chair

Name Oanh Nguyen
Tenure APNIC 56 – APNIC 60
Biography I have been working as Deputy Director of Cooperation and Resources Management Department, VNNIC, and engaging with APNIC community since 2013. I have experience in working as an IP hostmaster, IP/ASN, IPv6, Routing policy maker, IPv6/RPKI development analyst trainer, and project manager. I have been attending almost APNIC, APRICOT, APIX meetings during 10 years, and 02 years as a NIR SIG Chair.

I have initiated and contributed to many projects that have brought Viet Nam to be in the top 10 countries having the highest IPv6 adoption rate in the world; conducting training courses in IPv6, and Number Resources not only for Viet Nam community but also for Laos community; engaging the ASEAN Smart ICT Ecosystem Project to support ASEAN region to deploy IPv6; sharing our experiences to TWNIC’s IP members at their meeting and so on.

About the Co-Chair

Name Gaurav Kansal
Tenure APNIC 54 – APNIC 58
Biography Gaurav Kansal have more than a decade of experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) domain, especially in the areas of network, security, internet and e-governance. He has played a key role in fostering the internet penetration and adoption across India, through the National Knowledge Network (NKN), a pan-India gigabit information highway which was rolled out in 2010.He has an ample experience in Internet Routing, IPv6, Domain Name System, Wireless Networks and Network Security. He is currently working on the ambitious project of Public DNS Service for Indian IP space which will provide clean pipe service to Indian Users and can help in improving the cyber posture of the country. With his wide experience, he will be able to help the community in making Internet more robust and secure, and make it make user friendly, especially for the non-English speaking ones.