Procedure for changing SIG guidelines

The APNIC SIG Guidelines is a community-managed document. It is not an ‘official APNIC document’ or numbered document, as described in the Document Editorial Policy.

There is currently no written procedure for the community to change the document when it requires updates, editing, or procedural changes.

As the guidelines affect the running of all APNIC SIGs, a joint sitting of all three SIGs will consider the proposal.

The Secretariat will assist in the management of the APNIC SIG Guidelines by:

  1. Posting proposals to all SIG mailing lists.
  2. Coordinate a joint sitting of all SIGs.
  3. Ensure any consensus SIG decisions are reported to the APNIC Member Meeting.
  4. If consensus is reached, make editorial changes and publish Editorial Review.
  5. Subsequently publish the final document, after considering all comments.