NIR SIG Co-Chair Election

An election was held as the first agenda item of the APNIC 44 NIR SIG meeting. Co-Chair Zhen Yu was elected to serve another term.

The community would like to thank Ajai Kumar for his service to the NIR SIG as a Co-Chair and as an Acting Chair. Ajai did not stand for another term as an NIR SIG Co-Chair.

NIR SIG Charter

The charter of the NIR SIG is to share information relating to the operations, policies, and procedures of National Internet Registries with the aim of promoting close cooperation both among the NIRs and with the APNIC Secretariat.

Chair Shyam Nair
Co-Chair Zhen Yu
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Chair profiles

About the Chair

Name Shyam Nair
Tenure 2 years: APNIC 42 – APNIC 46

Shyam Nair, a Post Graduate from Delhi University working with Sify Technologies one of the leading Telecom Company in India. Shyam played a key role in India for the proliferation of Internet and also in the role of advocacy for the Internet Governance as Vice Chair Internet Society Delhi Chapter.

Shyam is holding the position of Secretary General with Internet Service Providers Association in India and have been instrumental in the formation of National Internet Exchange of India with more than 15 Years of experience in the field of Internet and policy matters.

Shyam is a skilled communicator, able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups and promote team cohesiveness.

About the Co-Chair

Name Zhen Yu
Tenure 2 years: APNIC 44 – APNIC 47

Zhen Yu joined China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) in 2011. He is currently the IP Operations Manager, responsible for IP service, membership development and conference &training program. He’s been making a lot of efforts to make CNNIC IP Conference more active and become a well-known platform for information exchange, experience sharing and project cooperation among local operators, ISPs and relevant corporations in China.

Before joined CNNIC, Zhen Yu had worked for a well-known vendor and an IPv6 solution provider in China for over 10 years, involved in many IPv6 related events and projects.

Action items

  • There are no open action items.

Closed action items

Action item Description Update
Future of NIR SIG: Reached consensus in NIR SIG at APNIC 37 to keep the session as a SIG format. Soon after this, authors withdrew the proposal. Closed
nir-36-001 The APNIC EC and Secretariat will liaise with the authors of this proposal for further discussion and to clarify the implementation for this change. Completed
nir-25-001 Pending approval at each remaining stage of the policy proposal process, APNIC Secretariat to implement proposal prop-054-v001, “Operational policies for National Internet Registries in the APNIC region”. Completed
nir-19-002 The APNIC Secretariat to post APNIC financial information related to per address fees to the NIR SIG mailing list. The NIR fees WG will then use the information to further develop a proposal for more equitable IPv6 fees for NIRs. Completed
nir-18-002 Secretariat to call for volunteers of a new working group to review the NIR fee structure. Completed
nir-18-001 Pending approval at each remaining stage of the policy proposal process, Secretariat to implement this proposal (prop-022). Completed