Cooperation SIG

SIG Charter

  • The Cooperation SIG is a forum for discussion about broader Internet issues like Public Policy and Internet Governance, which are related to APNIC community interests, but which involve governments, other organizations, and other communities.
  • The Secretariat will report to the SIG about APNIC’s outreach activities and seek advice and guidance on future activities.
  • The SIG will act as a forum to develop and clarify the APNIC community’s position on issues of relevance to the public sector, or on matters for which a community position has been sought.
  • The SIG should focus on information sharing, outreach, capacity building, and other activities that will advance APNIC’s vision for a global, open, stable, and secure Internet.

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About the Chair

Name Joy Chan
Tenure APNIC 56 – APNIC 60
Biography Joy Chan is the Deputy CEO at Taiwan Network and Information Center (TWNIC), her responsibility includes heading TWCERT/CC. Prior to this post, Joy was the Deputy Director General at Cyber Trust Technology Institute of Institute For Information Industry (III). Joy worked as the Head of APAC Production Engineering for Yahoo! Products and Services, and she was the CTO for Yahoo! at Taiwan, she brings in advance technology for service resilience and scalable system operations.

About the Co-Chair

Name Bikram Shrestha
Tenure APNIC 54 – APNIC 58
Biography Bikram has more than 20 years of experience in the ICT industries. Bikram had established a startup ISP when he was just 19 years and has been dedicating to the community since then. As the professional, he is working as Head of e-Banking of the Sanima Bank Ltd in Nepal with additional responsibility of Information Security Officer (ISO).