APNIC Survey Response Activity 2015-16

APNIC values the feedback it receives from Members and the community. On this page, you can track the progress of APNIC initiatives aimed at addressing specific Member feedback received in the 2014 APNIC Survey.

Complete = Complete
In progress = In progress
Not started = Not started

Value / Fees

Project Notes Status
Fee review Complete
Improved bill payment experience for Members
  • Migration to new merchant payment facility complete
  • PayPal now available as a payment option

Transparency and Accountability

Project Notes Status
Publish updated strategy documents Completed
New detailed activity-based plan and budget for 2015 onwards Completed
Financial reporting based on new activity plan
  • Financial reporting by activity included in regular EC reports
  • 2015 Annual Report provides summary of expenditure by activity, and compares budget to actual.
EC direct submission system
    • Submission system available for Members via MyAPNIC
Meet the EC events
  • Now an established session which began at APNIC 38, and held at all future conferences
Instant Feedback Project
  • System in place to gather feedback from service users at the point of service delivery.
    • During MyAPNIC usage
    • Following Helpdesk email contact
    • Following Hostmaster consultation sessions
    • Following Member gathering events
Adopt ISO 27001 Information Security Standard principles
  • Following Information Security Management Benchmark (ISMB) testing in 2016, APNIC’s information security management system framework was fully documented in 2017, followed by the completion of the required procedures and policies. An internal audit identified additional roles and responsibilities which were assigned to appropriate Secretariat staff.
Creation of Cooperation SIG
  • Established a Cooperation SIG to provide Members with a forum to discuss matters relating to Internet public policy and governance.
  • Mailing list created. First meeting of Coop SIG held at APRICOT 2015. Chair and Co-Chair elected.


Project Notes Status
Publish Services development roadmap Completed
Transfer information pages review Complete
Improved Whois responsiveness and simplify Whois updating process
  • Whois query nodes are now operating in Tokyo, London, and California, as well as the set of nodes in Brisbane to improve performance. Responsiveness for Whois queries has dropped from ~400ms to ~30ms from various sites around the globe, depending
    on distance from the new query servers.
  • Simplified interface now presents users with mandatory object attributes only, with optional fields hidden (unless user reveals)
  • Portable delegations can now be updated directly in MyAPNIC. Previously updates needed to be handled by APNIC Hostmasters
MyAPNIC improvements – security, interface and functionality
  • Two-factor authentication for MyAPNIC access now available as an alternative to digital certificates
  • Support for MyAPNIC digital certificates in Chrome added
  • Whois interface and functionality improvements made (see above)
  • EC direct submission system added
  • Instant feedback system implemented in MyAPNIC for users to provide service ratings and comments on each page
  • MyAPNIC User Survey conducted July 2015. Results to be presented at APNIC 40 and feedback to be used to prioritise further MyAPNIC development.
APNIC Resource Management System development
  • Upgrade of internal system used by APNIC’s Services staff to delegate and register IP addresses and ASNs. ASN delegation functionality was migrated from Perl to a Java service and deployed in 2015.
Encourage increased RPKI adoption in APNIC region
  • Ready to ROA” campaign launched at SANOG 25 and ROA creation sessions continue to be held across the region. RPKI adoption in the APNIC region continues to increase.
New CRM system
  • Project planning and user requirements analysis completed in 2015. Two specific CRM projects initiated in 2016 – one for contact management and distribution, and the other for corporate relationship management. Salesforce CRM was deployed in 2017 with contact creation and management functionality rolled out.
Whois version update
  • Query servers updated to latest code base and RDAP is now enabled
  • APNIC completed the upgrade of its whois master server to version 4 of the RIPE NCC whois codebase in 2017. The upgrade includes the deployment of the new ‘organization object’ and the ‘last modified’ attribute, which replaces the ‘changed’ attribute.


Project Notes Status
Training needs assessment: review of training requirements across region (including language requirements, delivery options, content) Complete
Review training funding model and resources
  • APNIC is implementing a strategy to expand and support its Development Program for Members (training, Technical Assistance, fellowships
    and sponsorships) by engaging new sources of funds. To support this strategy, the “APNIC Foundation” is proposed to be established as a charitable organisation registered in Hong Kong.
  • Initial progress has been made with support for training in Mongolia from the ITU, in Myanmar from the World Bank and in Indonesia from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
Review training curriculum
  • All course materials reviewed and updated APNIC Training course information is now available.
In progress
Training accreditation system
  • Preliminary work on developing an exam-based accreditation system for both face-to-face and online training underway (to be competed 2016).
In progress


Project Notes Status
Website development initiatives to improve communications
  • APNIC Blog completed 2014
  • Major update to Services pages completed
  • New home page completed
  • New website feedback system enabled
IPv6 content update Complete
Review content translation activity
  • From APNIC 40 onwards, an overview of policies to be discussed and a report of the policy discussions at the Policy SIG will be made available in multiple languages.

Community Engagement

Project Notes Status
Event reporting Complete
Report of all LEA requests for information Completed
Member outreach program
  • APNIC’s Membership outreach program aims to help ensure those organisations which need Internet resources are aware of APNIC and the services it offers to assist them. Information meetings have been held in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Philippines.
Not started
Supporting NOGs at required level
  • An audit of all MoUs and agreements with NOGs has been completed. Standard policies have been developed to ensure NOGs are supported at the correct level.
In progress