APNIC Services Roadmap

The information on this page is retained for historical reference purposes. All APNIC product and service development is now detailed in APNIC’s Annual Activity Plans.

APNIC Services Roadmaps were available to inform APNIC Members of proposed new developments in products and services between 2014-2018.

Complete = Complete
In progress = In progress
Not started = Not started

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2018 Services Roadmap

Project Benefits Status
Whois accuracy support

Improve systems and processes to help Members maintain accurate whois data via MyAPNIC.

  • Easier to maintain accurate whois and contact data.
  • Improved registry data quality
Resource transfer process automation

Remove several manual aspects of the resource transfer process to improve efficiency and user experience and reduce delays.

  • Automation of the IPv4 transfer listing and pre-approval service
  • Improved payment process for outgoing inter-RIR transfer
Training Service improvements

New APNIC Academy courses

  • IPv4/IPv6 Routing Basics
  • IPv4/IPv6 Routing for ISPs, and Introduction to APNIC Resource Policy
RDAP improvements

APNIC RDAP server improvement by pre-generating RDAP responses at startup, rather than processing on a per-query basis

  • Faster RDAP server with shorter response time

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2017 Services Roadmap

The 2017 Services Roadmap covers improvements in various areas such as support for whois data quality, feature integration for resource certification, enhancement to online user experience, and further upgrades to online training.

Project Benefits Status
New whois object ‘Organization’
  • Searches for resource holdings by the same organization will be possible and quick through whois search
New contact update features
  • Resource holders can view a summary of the last whois update status of their resources
  • Resources holders can make multiple changes in one update submission
In Progress
RPKI repository sync upgrade
  • Enhanced security and faster repository synchronization
ROA management features integration
  • Old and duplicated features will be removed to further simplify the current interface
Resource certification for access for historical resources
  • Members who hold historical resources in a separate account can use RPKI
APNIC website improvements
  • ‘Community’ section content to be revised and updated
MyAPNIC access improvement
  • New login management
  • Allow MyAPNIC login to access extra services
In Progress
Training service improvements
  • Advanced BGP lab module and New SDN tutorial and workshop on SDN
  • New online training platform for self-paced learning
  • Training certification for APNIC Academy
  • This proposed API has been withdrawn pending re-specification in 2021.
In Progress
Extend pre-approval expiry
  • Extend the pre-approval easily when resource needs remain the same
In Progress

Apr 2016 – Oct 2016

View the Services Roadmap Apr 2016 – Oct 2016 presentation.

Project Benefits Status
Resource transfer management
  • Include merger and acquisition form in MyAPNIC
  • Improve current IPv4 transfer form
Restyling of MyAPNIC
  • Create new design for MyAPNIC
  • Improve navigation
New Technical Assistance Program
  • Routing Registry Function Automation
  • IPv6 Deployment Planning
  • Prefix De-aggregation analysis and action plan
  • IXP Operation and System Support
MyAPNIC video guide
  • New video guide on resource and contact management

Sep 2015 – Mar 2016

View the Services Roadmap Sep 2015 – Mar 2016 presentation.

Project Benefits Status
Authorized contact management
  • Appoint Corporate Contact via MyAPNIC
  • Allow new Corporate Contact to be appointed immediately via MyAPNIC by any existing Corporate Contacts
  • Allow non Corporate contacts to submit “add” and “delete” contacts via MyAPNIC to be approved by Corporate Contacts
Whois records management
  • Integrate bulk update tools for faster update and easier search
  • Make whois updates via MyAPNIC without using whois template
Reverse DNS management
  • Manage all reverse domains in one page (IPv4 and IPv6) via MyAPNIC
  • Add / update / delete in one view
  • Multiple reverse domain updates
Route and ROA management
  • Manage route objects and ROAs in one view via MyAPNIC
  • Alerts for conflicting IRR or BGP entries
MyAPNIC speed improvement
  • Remove unnecessary queries/code to optimize Internal software codes
  • Adjust MyAPNIC caching for faster page loading
  • Improved navigation design to avoid unnecessary page loading
New training lab and courses
  • Juniper training lab
  • RPKI hands-on lab
  • Updated network security courses
  • Updated DNS and DNSSEC courses

Mar 2015 – Aug 2015

View the Services Roadmap Mar 2015 – Aug 2015 presentation.

Project Benefits Status
New Services web pages
  • Simplified pages to help locate information faster
  • Simplified page content and made it easier to understand
MyAPNIC Survey
  • MyAPNIC user survey
Training Survey
  • Training needs survey
Whois data quality improvement
  • Update APNIC delegations with IRT reference
  • Updated “remarks” for APNIC delegations
  • Automated process to remove “unreferenced” objects
  • Whois registration guide
Statistic page improvement
  • Improved graphs
  • Quicker search results
Toll free phone number and Skype integration
  • Skype to call APNIC Helpdesk
  • Toll free phone number abandoned

Sep 2014 – Feb 2015

View the Services Roadmap Sep 2014 – Feb 2015 presentation.

Project Benefits Status
Instant feedback system
  • Helpdesk interaction
  • Hostmaster consultation
  • Member gathering sessions
  • The instant feedback system is being used to seek feedback for the above services
Easier invalid contact reporting
  • Integrate invalid contact reporting form with whois search
Easier access to MyAPNIC
  • Allow MyAPNIC users to use email address as their username for login
MyAPNIC two-factor authentication
  • A quicker alternative to APNIC digital certificates
Faster contact updates
  • Update contacts details for resources delegated by APNIC via MyAPNIC
Improve transfer information
  • Transfer web pages revamp
  • Guided search for transfer procedures / policy
Maintainer management in MyAPNIC
  • Maintainer objects associated with resources are automatically saved in MyAPNIC
  • Maintainer password resets update password automatically for other users
  • Corporate Contacts can manage maintainer object access for other users
Additional option to make payment
  • Final testing for quarterly and six monthly options and recurring credit card instalments. Outcome to be announced in 2016
In progress
More new training courses
  • eLearning
    • OSPF Operation and LSD
    • BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process
    • IPv6 Protocol Architecture
    • DNS Security
    • Whois Database and MyAPNIC
    • Intro to RPKI
    • Intro to MPLS
    • IPSec VPN Design
      • Face-to-face
    • RPKI Tutorial and Router Configuration Demo
    • Advanced MPLS
    • Advanced BGP