Survey Response Activity 2017-18

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In progress = In progress
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Services and resource allocation

Project Notes Status
Enhanced IPv4 Transfers information In progress
Continually improve user experience of APNIC websites
  • Implement single sign on (SSO) across APNIC sites.
  • Review and update Community and Training sections of the APNIC website.
In progress

IPv6 Readiness

Project Notes Status
Promote IPv6 deployment best practice
  • 17 IPv6 case studies now published on IPv6 web pages.
  • 58 IPv6 blog posts on APNIC Blog (at 1 Sep 2017), including five new Member success stories.
  • Four IPv6 best practice presentations made at NOG events.
  • IPv6 deployment panel held at PTC’17.
  • IPv6 presentations sessions held at APRICOT 2017 and APNIC 44.
  • IPv6 Technical Assistance engagement with ISPs in Philippines and India.
In progress
Increased IPv6 training
  • 30 IPv6 training sessions delivered so far in 2017; target is at least 50 IPv6 training sessions in 2017-18.
  • Two IPv6 training workshops held in conjunction with the ITU in Thailand and Bhutan.
  • APNIC Academy IPv6 training module in development.
In progress


Project Notes Status
Expand local face-to-face training
  • Two new community trainers added (11 total). Aim to provide support for another six by end 2018.
  • 42 training sessions held with 1,375 participants (at 5 Sept 2017). Deliver another 110 face to face training sessions by end 2018.
In progress
Expand training curriculum
  • Expansion of the Training Labs’ ISP network to support up to 10 new exercise modules.
  • Development of new course modules for security, NFV/SDN, and LEA training.
In progress
Seek additional funding for training and development
  • APNIC Foundation launched. Two full-time APNIC staff seconded to the Foundation to work on fundraising, project development and partnerships.
  • CERT development grant of $100,000 AUD secured from Australian government.
In progress

Policy Development

Project Notes Status
Increase engagement with Policy development process.
  • Two webinars and two policy briefings held at NOG events ahead of APNIC 44 to increase awareness of policies under discussion.
  • Improve accessibility of policy-related online content and materials, through streamlining and translation.
  • 48 fellowships provided to APNIC 44, with mock Policy SIG held during Newcomers session to increase awareness and participation in the policy process among fellows and newcomers.
In progress

Member engagement

Project Notes Status
Enhanced statistics for industry benchmarking
  • BoF community discussions held at APRICOT 2017 and APNIC 44 to gather ideas anbd feedback.
  • New and useful statistics for Members to be developed based on feedback.
  • Develop APIs to deliver information services such as resource distribution statistics, vizAS, Whois, RDAP, measurement and other data as required by the community.
In progress
Provide continued NOG support
  • 14 NOG event sponsorships provided as at 1 Sept 2017.
  • Increase APNIC attendance at NOG events to support Members.
  • 10 APNIC technical speakers have presented at seven NOGs and three other community events as at 1 Sept 2017.
In progress


Project Notes Status
Increased security training and education resources
  • New training material on security best practices in network operation to be developed.
  • APNIC’s security engagement team expanded with recruitment of second security staff member.
  • Cybersecurity workshops held in Kiribati, Solomon Islands, and in Australia (with representatives from Tonga) focusing on security awareness and establishing CERTs/CSIRTs.
In progress
Improve resource certification offering
  • Deploy and monitor the Delta protocol distribution mechanism for the APNIC RPKI repository.
  • Improve resource certification user interface, including two factor authentication.
  • Extend resource certification service to historical maintenance account holders who also have a membership account.
In progress
Support DNS root server resilience
  • J-root server deployed in Kathmandu, Nepal, with APNIC support.
  • Sponsoring BIND development work at ISC to help reduce traffic load on DNS root servers.
In progress
Sharing and promoting security best practice in the AP region
  • MoU signed with FIRST to share training materials, collaborate on security events, and increase awareness of security best practice.
    • FIRST technical events held in Ho Chi Minh City (APRICOT 2017), Qingdao (CNCERT Annual Conference), Taichung (APNIC 44).
  • APNIC security presentations delivered at events in Afghanistan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Republic of Korea.
  • APNIC Academy ‘Introduction to Cybersecurity’ course launched. 350 users have completed the course as at 1 Sept 2017.
In progress