Handling requests for information from LEAs

APNIC, as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), manages information relating to Internet number resources on behalf of the Internet community. In this role, APNIC maintains both publicly available and confidential information about its Members. Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs) may have an interest in obtaining such information, where it may help in carrying out their work.

In such cases, APNIC will not provide any confidential or private information to LEAs unless this disclosure is required or authorized under Australian law or an order of an Australian court or tribunal.

The information below outlines APNIC’s procedures for handling requests for information by LEAs about individual Members.

Requests for information

APNIC distinguishes between the following two types of information:

  • APNIC information that is publicly available
  • APNIC Member information that is not publicly available, including Members’ personal and organizational information and any other non-public information

APNIC Member information that is publicly available

Some information about an APNIC Member is publicly available. Such publicly available information may be any information that is accessible through the APNIC website, including information or records that are public on the APNIC Whois Database.

Upon request, an LEA will be directed to this information.

APNIC Member information that is not publicly available

APNIC does not disclose Member information that is not publicly available to LEAs, unless such disclosure of information is required or authorized by or under an Australian law, or an order of an Australian court or tribunal.

LEAs and other organizations operating outside of Australia are required to follow the applicable mutual legal assistance treaties (MLAT) procedures.

A request may be served by email, fax, in person or by registered mail to APNIC’s legal address:

6 Cordelia St
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Transparency report

Below is a count of the requests APNIC has received from LEAs in the past four years.

LEA request 2017 2016 2015 2014
For publicly available information 3 2 2 7
For non-public information – disclosed 0 1* 0 0
For non-public information – not disclosed 0 0 0 0
For information APNIC does not have 0 5 5 2
For information not related to APNIC 0 1 0 1
Total 3 9 7 10

* Information disclosed with the Member’s permission