NIR Inter-RIR transfer of unused IPv4 addresses and/or AS numbers

How to proceed

  1. The recipient entity of an NIR account needs to ask the source entity to contact their RIR to initiate the transfer of IPv4 and/or AS numbers (Internet number resources). APNIC will contact the recipient account’s NIR when APNIC has received a transfer request from another RIR.
  2. The source entity of an APNIC NIR account needs to contact their NIR with the information requested in the template below. Their NIR will submit their transfer request to APNIC on their behalf.

Transfer Template


NIR Inter-RIR Transfer Template

Registration information

1. IPv4 addresses / AS numbers being transferred: 
2. Source organization name (authorized registrant): 
3. Original allocation date:
4. Recipient organization name: 
5. Recipient organization address: 
6. Recipient organization contact name: 
7. Recipient organization contact phone: 
8. Recipient organization contact email: 
9. Provide a brief description of the transaction: 

IR information 

10. Source NIR: 
11. Recipient RIR: 

Optional information: 

*Providing this information will speed up the request process.

12. Organization or membership ID of source organization: 
13. Organization or membership ID of recipient organization:


More information