Transfer due to merger, acquisition, or reorganization

When a change in your business structure such as a merger, acquisition, or reorganization happens, the APNIC Membership/Non-Membership agreement your organization previously entered into may no longer exist, or a different organization may need to be registered to manage the IP addresses and AS numbers (Internet number resources). The organization taking over will need to have an APNIC account and transfer the Internet number resources over. APNIC will update the whois records to reflect the new organization’s management.

If Internet number resources are to be transferred to an organization that does not have a current APNIC account, a new APNIC account will need to be created. Instructions to create an account will be sent to the recipient organization once APNIC approves the request.

How to proceed

  1. The source account must initiate the transfer in MyAPNIC:
    • Go to Resource Manager
    • Click on the Resource tab
    • Click on Transfer Resources Into Another Account, and
    • Complete the Merge/Acquisition Transfer form
      • Note, relevant legal documents to support the transfer must be provided, for example, a Sales/Transfer Agreement.
      • Documents must be issued by the governing authorities from the economies where the entities reside.
    • Your APNIC account must be open to initiate a Merger/Acquisition transfer.
      • Note, if a renewal invoice has been issued, the invoice must be paid before the transfer request can be submitted.
    • Once the transfer is completed, the source account may request a pro-rata refund of their membership fee.
  2. The recipient account must then acknowledge the transfer in MyAPNIC:
    • Go to Resource Manager
    • Click on the Resource tab
    • Click on Receive Resources Into My Account, and
    • Complete the Merger/Acquisition Transfer form


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