Organizational name change

If your organization has changed its legal entity name (not as a result of a business merger or acquisition), APNIC can simply amend your membership records and APNIC Whois Database registrations for the IP addresses or AS numbers (Internet number resources) held under your account.

How to proceed

  1. Corporate Contact from your account should email and provide the following information.
    • Your APNIC account name, for example, [EXAMPLE-XX].
      • Also add the account name in the email subject line, [EXAMPLE-XX] organization name change request
    • The new full legal entity name
    • A brief description of the name change
    • A name change certificate, or a similar document issued by the local governing authority
    • Any other changes such as address or contact person
  2. When APNIC approves your request, you will be asked to reconfirm the list of records that will be amended.