Manage Internet resources

As Internet resources are public resources, we all have a collective responsibility towards sustainability and stability of the Internet to ensure that the resources are properly managed.

Address management tools

In addition to community-driven address management objectives, utilizing tools such as the APNIC Whois Database and MyAPNIC to manage your resources helps contribute to the stability of the Internet.

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Best current practice

Browse our knowledge base for frequently asked questions to assist you with your enquiries like ‘How to use address space?’ and ‘What is virtual web hosting?’.

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Manage address space

APNIC is responsible for managing, distributing, and keeping a register of public Internet address space within the Asia Pacific region. Every assignment and allocation of address space must be guaranteed as globally unique.

Digital Certificates

A digital certificate is a secure digital key that certifies the identity of the holder and is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA).  You need an APNIC Digital Certificate installed in your browser to perform certain privileged operations in MyAPNIC.

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Internet Routing Registry (IRR)

As data integrity is an essential part of responsible Internet resource management, ensuring that Internet resources are unique and routable requires that you register all your resource assignments and allocations in the APNIC Whois database. As well as ensuring uniqueness, this registration also provides information for trouble-shooting at all levels.

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