States of addresses managed by APNIC

APNIC pool

The total, or collective address space managed by APNIC. This includes all Delegated, Reserved, and Available addresses.



Resources allocated to APNIC account holding organizations, which is then distributed among their members or customers. This also includes historical allocations made to networks in the Asia Pacific region.


Resources assigned to APNIC account holders – generally ISPs or end users – for specific use within the Internet infrastructure they operate. Assignments must only be made for specific, documented purposes and may not be sub-assigned. This also includes historical assignments made to networks in the Asia Pacific region.


Temporary reservations:

When delegating IPv4 addresses to LIRs, it was operationally necessary in some cases for APNIC to reserve a contiguous block next to an LIR’s latest allocation for a certain time. This allowed APNIC to make a contiguous allocation to the LIR if it requested more addresses within a reasonable period of time. This temporary reservation practice ceased on 1 January 2011, and all temporary reservations have been returned to the Available pool. Temporary reservations are not made in IPv6 space.

Reserved for documentation:

APNIC has reserved 2001:0DB8::/32 from its IPv6 blocks for use by anyone who wishes to give examples of IPv6 in documentation, such as textbooks and training material (RFC 3849). APNIC has also reserved and via IETF RFC 5737 for use in documentation.

Future use:

The policy for the final /8 of IPv4 addresses includes a /16 reserved for allocations for future uses, as yet unforeseen.


Resources with potential routability and usability issues are placed in a quarantined state until the problems are minimized. When these problems are minimized, they are moved into the APNIC Available pool for distribution to Members. Resources that are placed in this quarantine pool include problematic prefixes found in:


Resources in the APNIC pool that are not Delegated or Reserved.