A transfer occurs when IP addresses and/or AS numbers (Internet number resources) are moved from one legal entity (the source) to another (the recipient). A transfer is different from an organizational legal entity name change.

Important information concerning transfers

All transfers are guided by APNIC policies, which are developed by APNIC Members and the Internet community. APNIC processes transfer requests according to these policies, and updates the APNIC Whois Database to reflect the transfer results.

  • You will need an APNIC account to take part in a transfer (unless you are a source entity outside the APNIC region).
  • You will need to provide information to support your transfer request.
    • Requests may be delayed if information is not provided.
  • Some transfer conditions and fees may apply.

Transfer types

The three types of transfers permitted under APNIC’s transfer policies are:

Type Description
Merger-Acquisition Transfer due to a change in business structure such as a merger, acquisition, or reorganization.
Historical Internet number resources Transfer of historical IPv4 addresses and/or AS numbers from verified custodians.
Unused IPv4 and AS numbers Transfer of unused or excess IPv4 addresses and/or AS numbers to organizations that need them.