Transfer of unused IPv4 addresses and/or AS numbers

Transfers of IPv4 addresses and/or AS numbers (Internet number resources) are permitted in the APNIC region providing the source and recipient entities meet the transfer policy criteria. These policies allow organizations with a requirement for Internet number resources to receive them from organizations with unused resources, ensuring resources are correctly registered to organizations who are using them.

The transfer policies outline what the source and recipients must fulfill. In particular, recipients of this transfer policy must demonstrate their need for the resources being transferred.

Important: IPv4 addresses delegated from the 103/8 free pool cannot be transferred for a minimum of five years after the original delegation date.

Transfer scenarios

The five scenarios permitted under this transfer policy are:

Scenario Description
APNIC accounts Transfer between two APNIC accounts.
APNIC & NIR Transfer between APNIC and an NIR.
NIR & NIR Transfer between two NIRs.
NIR Inter-RIR Transfer between an NIR and an RIR.
APNIC Inter-RIR Transfer between APNIC and an RIR.