NIR IPv4 transfer policy information

Below is a summary of the IPv4 transfer policy implementation status for each National Internet Registry (NIR), including inter-RIR transfers. Please note: the policy implementation status in each NIR is subject to change.

JPNICYesYesYesTransfer fee charged to recipient
IRINNYesYesYes20% of membership fee for transferred resources
IDNICYesYesYesAdditional IPv4 allocation fee or new membership fee is charged
VNNICYesNoBy requestRestart membership agreement and pay annual fee for the first year according to membership level
CNNICYesCase by caseBy requestTransfer fee charged to recipient

Note: All inter RIR transfer requests involving NIR members are sent by the respective NIR to APNIC for communication with the other RIRs. View the detailed diagram outlining the IPv4 transfer processes from other RIRs to an NIR.