APNIC document editorial policy

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Title: APNIC document editorial policy
Short title: doc-editorial-policy
Document ref: APNIC-112 Version: 001
Date of original publication: 19 February 2004 Date of this version: 19 February 2004
Review scheduled: n/a Obsoletes: APNIC-083
Status: Active Comments: n/a

Table of contents

1.   Introduction
2.   Scope
3.   Definitions
3.1   Official Documents
3.2   Document review
4.   Language
4.1   Official language
4.2  Translated documents
5.   Document review procedure
Step 1:   Call for comments
Step 2:   Incorporating comments
Step 3:   Implementing documents
6.   Publication format
7.   Labeling documents

1. Introduction

This document describes the editorial process used by the APNIC Secretariat to document and implement consensus decisions arising from the APNIC Policy Development Processand to maintain clear, effective, and up-to-date documentation.


2. Scope

This document describes the policies and procedures that apply to the production and maintenance of APNIC official documents. It relates to the development, revision, translation, accessibility, and archiving of these official documents.


3. Definitions

3.1 Official Documents

Official documents are documents created by APNIC to describe:

  • policies;
  • membership rights and obligations; and
  • legal relationships.

Documents that are not official documents for these purposes include:

  • reports, proposals, and presentations;
  • brochures and similar informational materials;
  • forms; and
  • general web site content

3.2 Document review

In this document, “document review” refers to the process of creating, developing, or revising official documents.


4. Language

4.1 Official language

To provide the fairest possible access to APNIC information and resources across the entire region, all official APNIC documents will be published in English.

4.2 Translated documents

APNIC allocates resources from each annual budget for the translation of documents into other languages of the region (although it may not be possible to translate all documents, or to translate into all languages of the region). Regardless of any translations
made, the English language version published by APNIC will remain the official document.


5. Document review procedure

The APNIC Secretariat will start a document review to:

  • Implement a consensus decision arising from the Policy Review Process (which may require either the creation of a new document, or the amendment of an existing document); or
  • Correct errors in, or improve the wording, formatting, or presentation of an existing document.

Document reviews will follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1

Call for comments

The APNIC Secretariat will release a public draft of the document and issue a call for comments by making an announcement on relevant mailing lists and posting a notice on the APNIC website. The comment period will be one month. Interested parties may:

  • object to the draft document on the grounds that it does not properly reflect the consensus decision reached in the Policy Review Process;
  • suggest improvements of any aspect of the document;
  • request that an additional call for comment be made to allow more consideration of substantial revisions.

Step 2

Incorporating comments

The APNIC Secretariat will consider all comments received and will produce a final version of the document. The APNIC Secretariat may also determine whether the comments received justify an additional comment period.

Step 3

Implementing documents

When Steps 1 and 2 have been completed, the APNIC Secretariat will publish the final version as an official document.


6. Publication format

Official documents will, in most cases, be published in text (.txt) and HTML file formats. HTML documents may differ from the text versions by way of the inclusion of hyperlinks, formatting, and graphics; however, in case of any differences in content,
the text version will be considered to be the official document. In some cases, particular layout requirements may require that the official document is published in Portable Document Format (.pdf) or similar format.


7. Labeling documents

Official documents will be labeled with the following information:

  • document name;
  • APNIC document reference number;
  • date of original publication;
  • date of publication of current version;
  • scheduled date for next review, if applicable;
  • list of any documents obsoleted by implementation.

In addition, if an official document has been obsoleted, the labeling of the document will identify the document that obsoleted it and the date it was obsoleted.