Mailing lists

APNIC hosts public forums to facilitate discussion on a range of topics related to Internet addressing and networking. The majority of the discussion occurs on mailing lists maintained by APNIC. This is complemented by publicly accessible face-to-face forums conducted at the twice-yearly APNIC Conferences.

Anyone with an interest is encouraged to attend or participate in any way. However, we please ask that you be mindful of the Code of Conduct that applies to the mailing lists.

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Official notifications and some news items are made to the community using the APNIC Announce mailing list.

Please note: Subscribers to APNIC Announce can only receive announcements from APNIC – this is not a discussion list.

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Discussions arising from those announcements are held on the APNIC Talk mailing list.

APNIC Talk Charter:

The APNIC Talk mailing list was created to provide a forum for members of the Internet community, from any region, to discuss relevant topics to network engineering and Internet governance. This forum is also a space to discuss specific implementation issues and share other technical information for the benefit of the community.

Anyone is welcome to join APNIC Talk, but participants are asked to respect the opinions of others, keeping in mind cultural differences. Debate is encouraged, but personal attacks and inflammatory language is prohibited.

Subscribers may not post sales materials.

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The charter of the Policy SIG is to develop policies and procedures which relate to the management and use of Internet address resources by APNIC, NIRs, and ISPs within the Asia Pacific region.

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This list is for discussions related to IPv4 transfers.

APNIC Transfers Charter:

The APNIC Transfer mailing list was created to provide a forum enabling the sources and recipients of IPv4 address transfers, as well as IPv4 brokers, to discuss topics relevant to IPv4 transfers.

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The Cooperation SIG has a charter to discuss broader Internet issues like Public Policy and Internet Governance, which are related to APNIC community interests, but which involve governments, other organizations, and other communities.

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The charter of the NIR SIG is to share information relating to the operations, policies, and procedures of National Internet Registries with the aim of promoting close cooperation both among the NIRs and with the APNIC Secretariat.

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This new mailing list is for discussions on the proposals and desired outcomes from the APNIC community of the process to transition IANA away from the US Government.