NRO NC nominations

The NRO NC election will take place during APNIC 58. The nomination period for the NRO NC election opens until 17:30 (UTC +10), 05 August 2024. You can nominate using the online nomination form.

Any individual may be nominated with the exception of staff members of any RIR. Self-nominations are permitted. Nominations open at least 90 days before APNIC conferences and close 30 days before APNIC conferences.

APNIC sends notices when nominations open and close to the Asia Pacific Internet community including the APNIC-Announce mailing list.

Who can make a nomination?

Anybody may nominate any person as a candidate.

Who can be nominated?

Any individual residing within the Asia Pacific region may be nominated, with the exception of staff members of any Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

Self nominations are permitted.

Individuals cannot hold more than one elected position (EC, SIG, or NRO NC). Those who are elected to a new position must resign from any other currently held EC, SIG or NRO NC position as soon as practicable but no later than 30 days following the election.

The nominee must meet the following two eligibility criteria:

  1. Registered for the current APNIC conference.
  2. Registered and attended (in-person or online) at least one of the immediate past eight APRICOT or APNIC conferences (not including the current conference).

How to make a nomination?

NRO NC nominations must be received at least 30 days before the APNIC conference. Nominations may be made via the online nominations form available on the APNIC Conference website. The information included with the nomination is to be in English and should include:

  • Your Details
    • Your name
    • Job Title
    • Organization
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Motivation for nomination
  • Nominee Details
    • Title
    • Name
    • Job Title
    • Organization
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Postal address
    • Country of residence
    • Biographical information

Role responsibilities and time commitments of NRO NC members

The time commitments for members of the NRO NC (and by association, the ASO AC) can be quite considerable and include

  • attending monthly meetings (held via video/teleconference) with the NRO NC which are generally held at 12:00pm (noon) UTC;
  • attending additional special meetings which can be called for any purpose at any time;
  • attending three conferences per year, being the first ICANN Meeting of the year and two APNIC conferences;
  • participating in additional NRO/ASO committees;
  • joining and actively participate in the APNIC Policy SIG mailing list and Open Policy Meetings; and
  • meeting with the APNIC Executive Council and the Policy SIG Chairs immediately following the Policy SIG meeting.

In addition to the above, meetings of the NRO NC and related committees are usually accompanied by briefing and background documents which should be read in order for NRO NC members to be able to actively participate in discussions.

Confirm Nominations

When a nomination is received, the APNIC Secretariat will contact the nominee (by email) to accept or reject their nomination as a candidate for the NRO NC election. If a nominee is not contactable via email or does not respond, then their nomination will not be confirmed and they will not be eligible for election.

The nominee is invited to attend the election held during the APNIC conference. The travel cost for the nominee to attend the conference is not covered by APNIC.

Nominees are listed on the conference website after APNIC confirms the nominee is able and willing to serve on the NRO NC. Nominees have the opportunity to submit a written statement in support of their nomination. This is published on the relevant conference website. In addition, others may express support for a nominee by completing and submitting another nomination.