APNIC Secretariat

The APNIC Secretariat operates to serve its members and the Asia Pacific Internet community stakeholders. Our activities are based on helping the APNIC community achieve APNICs objectives.

Secretariat activities

Resource distribution and management
Fair distribution of IPv4, IPv6, and AS numbers.
APNIC distributes Internet number resources such as IPv4, IPv6, and AS numbers fairly and responsibly.

  • Once allocated or assigned, members can access and manage their resources through MyAPNIC, our online member website.
  • The APNIC Helpdesk is also available to provide assistance to members in a variety of languages by phone, email or online.

Resource registry and certification
Publication of reverse DNS delegations, whois and resource certification information.
APNIC registers and publishes whois information, reverse DNS delegations and resource certificates.

  • The accuracy and currency of these registries are at the core of the efficient operation and integrity of the Internet.
  • APNIC resource certification provides a strong method of validating delegation chains, allowing for a robust level of trust to be built into the routing process.

Policy development
Facilitation of the Internet number resources policy.
APNIC facilitates, promotes, and implements Internet number resource policy as part of APNICs open, bottom-up development process.

  • This includes hosting policy meetings and discussion on APNIC Special Interest Group (SIG) mailing lists.
  • APNIC actively promotes access to policy discussion to all stakeholders in the region and liaises with the other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to coordinate global policies.

Educating the community through technical training and training in effective management of internet number resources.
APNIC provides training and education to the Asia Pacific Internet community through a blended learning environment, encompassing face-to-face workshops and tutorials, self-paced eLearning modules, and interactive, real-time web classes.

  • Courses are delivered at various skills-levels and are tailored, where appropriate, to match the individual community.
  • Topics covered include: Network Security and Forensics, Resource Management, and IPv6 Deployment.
  • APNIC training also collaborates with other partners through the Train-the-Trainer and university collaboration projects.

Information services
Research and analysis of key Internet developments.
APNIC is a source of credible and objective information on the key global developments in Internet number resources.

  • Information is published to members through a variety of media, including APstats (statistics), Apster (operational), and APNIC Research and Development.
  • APNIC is considered a global spokesperson in the field, and APNIC research is referenced at forums such as the OECD, IGF, and ITU.

Developing community and capacity
Supporting Internet growth in the Asia Pacific and other global internet communities.
APNIC supports Internet growth in the Asia Pacific and global Internet communities through APNIC liaison work (APNIC Connect Program) with all regional and global stakeholders.  

  • To achieve this, APNIC represents its members on global forums, educates stakeholders on global developments, and hosts community forums, such as APNIC Meetings (onsite and online).
  • APNIC also focuses on the unique needs of emerging economies for capacity-building and the development of Internet governance.