APNIC activities

With our vision of ‘a global, open, stable, and secure Internet’, APNIC performs a range of activities and essential services as a Regional Internet Registry and supports Internet development in the Asia Pacific region.

A primary function of APNIC is to distribute and register Internet number resources (IP addresses and AS numbers), including recording resource transfers.

APNIC maintains a public, searchable database of all Internet number resources delegated across the region that is accessible via both whois and RDAP protocols.

APNIC uses the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) framework to help make Internet routing more secure. RPKI uses cryptographic certificates to prove the association between specific Internet number resources and the holders of those resources.

APNIC registers and publishes Reverse DNS (Domain Name System) delegations for all IP address blocks it distributes. Reverse DNS is the process of using the DNS to translate an IP address to its corresponding domain name.

The APNIC Secretariat facilitates the development of community-driven policies to manage Internet number resources. This process, which takes place on a mailing list and Open Policy Meetings, is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

APNIC provides an online Help Centre with articles and other information to help Members manage their Internet number resources. The APNIC Helpdesk is available from 09:00-21:00 (UTC +10) if more assistance is required.

APNIC provides products such as MyAPNIC to help Members easily manage their Internet number resources (IP addresses and AS numbers).

The APNIC Academy offers face-to-face training workshops and tutorials, self-paced learning and live webinars throughout the year, catering to all levels of expertise. It also provides a technical assistance service.

APNIC actively supports Network Operator Groups (NOGs), participates in technical, security, and Internet Governance forums, and engages with government and intergovernmental bodies around the world.

APNIC conferences  are held in the Asia Pacific twice a year to support community policy development, information exchange, and regional Internet community growth.

APNIC supports root server and IXP deployment throughout the Asia Pacific as part of a commitment to regional infrastructure resilience.

The APNIC Foundation’s mission is to increase investment in Internet development in the Asia Pacific region, through education and training, community development, research, and related projects and activities. The APNIC Foundation also administers the ISIF Asia grants program.

The APNIC Blog and Podcast are a valuable resources to keep Members and the community informed on the latest news, opinions, and research from APNIC and the wider Internet community.

APNIC provides several Internet data and analysis products to help network operators make informed decisions, such as DASH, REx and NetOX.

APNIC conducts ongoing research and measurements on IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6 deployment, RPKI, DNSSEC and related topics under APNIC Labs.

APNIC delivers its online public services via systems that aim to be reliable, secure, and high-performance.