DB SIG closed action items

Action item Description Update
db-21-001 Database SIG Chair to post an item to the Database mailing list giving the status of proposal prop-019-v001, “A proposal for whois database query”, and asking for community
input on whether to close the proposal or continue with it.
Closed. The proposal has been abandoned due to lack of community support.
db-19-001 Following approval at each remaining step of the policy development process, the APNIC Secretariat will implement proposal prop-026-v001, APNIC to publish address assignment
Completed. Statistics available via FTP: https://ftp.apnic.net/apnic/stats/
db-18-001 Proposal for establishment of an IPv6 IRR to be referred to the mailing list for detailed discussion of the framework and implementation. Closed.
db-17-002 Proposal for IRR mirroring policy (prop-003-v002) to be returned to the Database mailing list for further discussion. Closed.
db-17-001 Pending approval at each remaining stage of the policy proposal process, APNIC Secretariat to implement the proposal to protect historical records with an APNIC maintainer (prop-018-v001). Completed.
db-16-003 Secretariat to implement proposal “Protecting resource records in APNIC Whois Database” (prop-010-v001). This will involve changing the maintainer of objects protected
by MAINT-NULL to the maintainer of the parent object as well as deprecating NONE in the maintainer’s auth attribute.
Closed.Implementation report presented in the APNIC 17 Database SIG.
db-16-002 Secretariat to implement proposal “Privacy of customer assignment records” (prop-007-v001) in three months. Completed.
db-16-001 Proposed “Policy for mirroring on IRR” (prop-003-v001), to be sent to the database mailing list for further discussion. Closed.Modified proposal presented in the APNIC 17 Database SIG.
db-14-002 Secretariat to create sample hierarchical inetnum objects with associated maintainer objects in the APNIC Whois Database. Completed.Results presented at the APNIC 16 database SIG.
db-15-001 Further discussion on requirements to host a local whois to be put to the sig-db mailing list. Closed.The Chair closed the action item because no discussion had been seen. It may be reopened if anyone wants to start discussion on the topic.
db-15-002 Secretariat to clean up the database, deleting unreferenced objects and modifying RPSL non-compliant objects. Completed.Results presented at the APNIC 16 database SIG.
db-14-001 The proposal to deprecate MAIL-FROM to be taken to the AMM for approval. Completed.MAIL-FROM removed as an “auth” method.
db-14-003 Discussion on mandatory maintainers for inetnum objects to be carried out on the db mailing list. Completed.Mandatory maintainers approved and implemented.
db-14-004 Discussion of the proposal to create a new AS object to take place on the database mailing list. Closed.