Cooperation SIG Co-Chair Nominee


Bikram Shrestha (Internet Society Nepal)

Nominee Statement:

I wish to nominate Mr. Bikram Shrestha, President- Internet Society Nepal & Head, e-Banking & ISO – Sanima Bank Ltd for the position of Co Chair Cooperation SIG.

Bikram has more than 20 years of experience in the ICT industries. Bikram had established a startup ISP when he was just 19 years and has been dedicating to the community since then. As the professional, he is working as Head of e-Banking of the Sanima Bank Ltd with additional responsibility of Information Security Officer (ISO).

Bikram has been contributing on the growth of ICT sector in Nepal through various policy advocacy and capacity building programs. First Nepal IGF and npSIG were successful programs that were conducted under his leadership. He has been closely working with various national, regional and global organizations including Nepal Jaycees, ITSERT-NP, npNOG, CAN Federation at national level and ISOC, APRALO, ICANN, APSIG, APrIGF, APRICOT and IGF at regional and global level. He also served as Jury member of ICT Award 2017 Nepal and mBillionth Award 2017, organized by Living with ICT and Digital Empower Foundation.

Bikram, energizes himself by engaging music and traveling new destinations. He has released two music albums as singer and composer.

Nominated By:

Amrita Choudhury