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Do you meet the criteria to receive APNIC resources?

Before applying for numeric Internet resources, you should refer to the associated policies to determine if you are eligible to receive them.

IPv4 requests will be assessed under Part 2 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies.

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IPv6 initial delegation criteria


Automatic qualifications for IPv6 addresses if you have IPv4 addresses

APNIC Members with IPv4 but no IPv6 automatically qualify for an appropriately sized block of IPv6 addresses.

  • Members with an IPv4 allocation are eligible for a /32 of IPv6
  • Members with an IPv4 assignment are eligible for a /48 of IPv6

Members who already hold IPv4 address space will not pay any resource application fees.

Qualification if you don’t have IPv4 or want more than the minimum allocation size

Members receiving only IPv6 address space will:

Members who already hold IPv4 space and are applying for more than the minimum IPv6 allocation size will not pay any resource application fee.

Minimum initial allocation size criteria

  • Must be an LIR
  • Not be an end site
  • Plan to announce IPv6 within two years

To also qualify for an initial allocation of IPv6 address space, an organization must meet one of the two following criteria:

  • Have a plan for making at least 200 assignments to other organizations within two years
  • Be an existing LIR with IPv4 allocations from an APNIC or an NIR, which will make IPv6 assignments or sub-allocations within two years.

Criteria for allocation of /32 or greater

  • Should not be an end site
  • Organization must provide comprehensive documentation of planned IPv6 infrastructure that requires a larger allocation, or
  • Organization must provide its existing IPv4 infrastructure and customer base and its intention to move some of its existing IPv4 customers to IPv6 within two years.

Experimental allocations criteria

Experiment documented in:

  • Experimental RFC
  • Alternative publication approved by APNIC

Please contact the APNIC Helpdesk for more information.

Experimental allocations FAQs

IPv6 assignments criteria

APNIC provides four policies under which organizations can receive portable assignments for the organization’s infrastructure.

Already have IP address space and want more?


Subsequent allocations of IPv4 or IPv6 address space depend on certain criteria being fulfilled in accordance with relevant address management policies.


If you wish to receive additional IPv4 or IPv6 assignments, you can, provided you meet the criteria for one of the three portable assignment policies.