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Before applying for numeric Internet resources, you should refer to the associated policies to determine if you are eligible to receive them.

IPv4 requests will be assessed under Part 2 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies.

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IPv4 delegation criteria

Criteria for initial LIR delegation

Organizations seeking their first IPv4 allocation must meet the minimum criteria. Organizations must:

  • Have used a /24 (‘slash 24’) from their upstream provider or can demonstrate an immediate need for a /24
  • Have complied with applicable policies in managing all address space previously allocated to it
  • Be able to demonstrate a detailed plan to use a /23 within a year

Criteria for small multihoming delegations

An organization is eligible if:

  • it is currently multihomed, or
  • it is currently using at least a /24 from its upstream provider and intends to be multihomed, or
  • it intends to be multihomed, and advertise the prefixes within 6 months
  • Organizations requesting a delegation under these terms must demonstrate that they are able to use 25% of the requested addresses immediately and 50% within one year.

Criteria for Internet Exchange Points

  • Internet Exchange Points (IXP) are eligible to receive a delegation from APNIC to be used exclusively to connect the IXP participant devices to the Exchange Point.
  • Global routability of the delegation is left to the discretion of the IXP and its participants.

Criteria for critical infrastructure

The following critical infrastructure networks, if operating in the Asia Pacific region, are eligible to receive a delegation:

  • Root domain name system (DNS) server
  • Global top level domain (gTLD) nameservers
  • Country code TLD (ccTLDs) nameservers
  • IANA
  • Regional Internet Registry (RIRs), and
  • National Internet Registry (NIRs)

Experiment documented in:

  • Experimental RFC
  • Alternative publication approved by APNIC.

Please contact the APNIC Helpdesk for more information.