Waiting list for unmet IPv4 requests

Note to waiting list applicants
Prop-129: “Abolish waiting list for unmet IPv4 requests” has been endorsed by the APNIC EC for implementation. APNIC is no longer accepting new requests to the waiting list. Upon implementation of the policy, the waiting list will be abolished. Current waiting list applicants should be aware that existing requests may not be fulfilled before the policy is implemented.

The current APNIC IPv4 Policy allows each APNIC account holder to receive up to a /22 from the IPv4 Recovered Pool after they have received a /22 from the final /8 pool (103/8).  However, the Recovered Pool may not always have enough resources for delegation. After discussion with the community via the Policy SIG mailing list and at APNIC 41 in Auckland, APNIC will create a waiting list for those IPv4 requests that cannot be fulfilled from the Recovered Pool.

How the waiting list works

When APNIC can no longer fulfill approved requests from the IPv4 Recovered Pool, those requests will automatically be placed on the waiting list.

Current Members

The position of current Members on the waiting list will be strictly determined by the date and time that the Member’s completed request was received by APNIC for approval.  If the request submitted is incomplete, the request will only be deemed complete once APNIC has been provided with sufficient information by the Member to approve the request.

New Members

New Members’ position on the waiting list will be determined by the date and time APNIC receives full payment for the new membership after the resource application has been approved.

NIR members

NIR members’ position on the waiting list will be determined by the date and time APNIC receives the approved request from the NIR.

All approved unmet IPv4 Recovered Pool requests, including those from NIRs, will be queued on the waiting list.

Process of requests

When additional recovered IPv4 address space is added to the Recovered Pool, requests on the waiting list will be filled in order from the oldest to the newest.

Once a request has been filled, it will be removed from the waiting list. Members have the option to remove their request from the waiting list at any time if their IPv4 address requirement has been satisfied (for example, if received via an IPv4 transfer).

Current Waiting List for Unmet IPv4 Requests