Refer your customers

Help your customers get IP addresses

Did you know APNIC offers a facility in MyAPNIC that allows existing Members to apply for IP addresses and AS numbers on behalf of their downstream customers?

Known as a “Referral Application”, the Member can apply for IPv4 address space using MyAPNIC for their growing customer base.


It’s easy! Simply complete the referral application form via MyAPNIC.

Member Account Settings –> Referral Application For Your Customer

After you have lodged the form, your customers will be asked to authorize the application.

Important information to note:

Like any requests for Internet number resources, you will have to meet the relevant policy criteria for approval. An APNIC Member account will be created for your customer and they will be the custodian of the resources, even though you have lodged the application on their behalf.

If you work with APNIC on their behalf in the future, you can be added as an authorized contact for their account.