YahoooIPv6 is a top issue for the Asia Pacific Internet community. APNIC engages in activities throughout the region to help facilitate a smooth transition. The greater goal is to support the Asia Pacific in deploying IPv6 to maintain a scalable Internet for everyone.

APNIC reached the last /8 of IPv4 addresses in April 2011, and now delegates IPv4 resources according to the “last /8 policy”. The scarcity of IPv4 makes IPv6 deployment critical for all networks and organizations in the Asia Pacific. Here’s what APNIC is doing to support the community in achieving real and tangible IPv6 deployment:


Distributing IPv6 addresses

Getting an IPv6 block is the first step in your transition, and the process is very simple.

Kickstart IPv6 – one click to IPv6

IPv6 training and education

Is your technical staff ready to deploy IPv6? Gaining technical knowledge does not happen overnight. Plan and implement training for your personnel. APNIC Training is constantly updating our IPv6 content, to reflect the industry’s best current practices.

Upcoming training events


Monitoring IPv6 deployment

Do you offer your services over IPv6? Understand your clients’ capabilities, facing your website and network assets. APNIC Labs has designed a javascript test system that reports on end-user capability in Google Analytics. Anyone can use the IPv6 Tracker, even without native IPv6 capability.
Learn more about APNIC Labs IPv6 measurements.


Supporting IPv6 deployment

IPv6 deployment is an issue that affects all Internet stakeholders. APNIC wants to give you the most current, relevant, and customized information on IPv6 deployment. The APNIC IPv6 Program brings regional and global experts to various forums through conferences, workshops, and individual meetings.