Manage your membership

To ensure you make the most of your APNIC membership and remain informed, it is important that you keep your membership details current.

Login to MyAPNIC

MyAPNIC, our secure member services website, allows you to keep your membership and contact details up to date, and it’s always available.

How do I view and update my Member details?

Your Corporate Contact can simply navigate to MyAPNIC and select Membership details, which is under the Administration tab. Here you can update your organization and billing addresses. To change your organization name or APNIC account name, please see the FAQ How do I update my details in APNIC’s records if my organization’s name changes?

How do I update the list of contacts in my account?

Your Corporate Contact can simply navigate to MyAPNIC and select Manage contacts, which is under the Home tab. Here they can manage the list of Technical and/or Admin contacts.

Note: There are three different contact types, Corporate, Admin, and Technical. A Corporate Contact can be removed only by an email request to from another Corporate Contact for the same account.

How do I update my details in APNIC’s records if my organization’s name changes?

The Corporate Contact for your account must email the change request to providing the following information:

  • The new organization name and its contact details
  • Any necessary changes to the APNIC Whois Database
  • A certificate of name change or other supporting official documentation

In addition to the above information, you may indicate if you want to change your APNIC account name to be consistent with your new organization name.

After APNIC approves the request, a new membership agreement may be sent to your organization to sign.

How do I renew my APNIC membership?

You can renew your membership by paying the renewal invoice that we will send you. Please also see how to pay your membership fees and the APNIC billing procedure for more information. By renewing your membership, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of the Standard APNIC Membership Agreement as it exists at the time of renewal.

How do I terminate my membership?

Your account’s Corporate Contact must email the account termination request to APNIC Member Services at Please state your intention to terminate the membership and the date.

Upon termination, all resources under the Member account will be reclaimed, and the associated whois database registration will be removed. Your organization must then cease using these Internet resources.

How do I return Internet resources?

To return IPv4 address space you can use the Return resources to APNIC form made available in MyAPNIC under the Resources tab.

Alternatively, your account’s Corporate Contact must email the following information to

  • The organization’s Member account name
  • The IP address ranges to be returned
  • The date when the address space will be returned.

It is necessary that the returned resources cease to be visible on the global routing table on the agreed date. For APNIC to invoice according to the adjusted resource holdings, you must return the resource before your membership expiry date.

How do I change my membership tier?

Your APNIC membership tier is determined by how much IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space you hold under your account. You may reduce your membership tier by requesting to return IP addresses.

See Membership structure