New Member Guide

Congratulations on becoming an APNIC Member!

As a Corporate Contact, you represent your organization in all matters related to APNIC. For more information, please see the Corporate Contacts guide.

APNIC membership offers many benefits, including:

Claim your Free Training!

As a new APNIC Member, you are entitled to receive two free training/workshop registrations. This offer is valid for two years from the start of your APNIC membership.

Due to COVID-19, all APNIC training services are being provided online and free of charge. This includes live online tutorials and workshops as well as live webinars, virtual labs and self-paced online courses available on APNIC Academy platform.

The validity of these free tickets will be extended for an additional 2 years from the day APNIC can recommence face-to-face and/or hybrid training events for each new member that has joined APNIC since the COVID 19 Pandemic started in March 2020.

Email to claim your free training (be sure to include your APNIC account name).

Conditions of use:

  • It may not be redeemed for cash or credit
  • It is for use by registered contacts only
  • It is subject to seat availability
  • This offer is not transferable
  • The free offer will still be considered as used, if the registrant fails to attend
  • This free offer applies to new Members joining after 18 December 2013
  • APNIC may change the new Member offer at anytime without prior notice
  • Not applicable for APRICOT Training/Workshops