Manage your contacts

Authorized Member contacts

APNIC Members’ account information is kept strictly confidential. To ensure the account information is protected, APNIC will only respond to requests or inquiries from the authorized contacts. Authorized contacts must be registered to an APNIC account and fall into three categories: Corporate, Technical, and Billing. It is important that APNIC Members maintain correct and up-to-date contact details.

Corporate Contacts

Corporate Contacts represent the Member's organization in all matters related to APNIC and are also responsible for updating the authorized contacts for the Member's organization.

Corporate Contact responsibilities include approving MyAPNIC access and delegating voting rights for non-Corporate Contacts.

Use MyAPNIC to manage your organization's authorized contacts. Corporate Contacts will see the "Manage Contacts" link on the top right-hand corner when logged in.

Appointing new Corporate Contacts

To appoint a new Corporate Contact, please refer to the Corporate Contact guide.

Technical contacts

Technical contacts have authority on technical matters such as:

  • Reverse DNS delegation
  • Routing registration
  • Whois registration updates

Billing contacts

The Billing contact receives the invoice for annual membership renewal fees and the account's billing history.