Object Template

The object template includes information on how to complete the attribute values.

                Status       Instance     Search Status

organization:   [mandatory]  [single]     [primary/lookup key]
org-name:       [mandatory]  [single]     [look-up key]
descr:          [optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
country:        [mandatory]  [single]     [ ]
remarks:        [optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
address:        [mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
phone:          [optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
fax-no:         [optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
email:          [mandatory]  [multiple]   [look-up key]
org:            [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
org-type:       [mandatory]  [single]     [ ]
admin-c:        [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
tech-c:         [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
ref-nfy:        [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-ref         [mandatory]  [multiple]   [inverse key]
notify:         [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-by:         [mandatory]  [multiple]   [inverse key]
last-modified:  [generated]  [single]     [ ]
source:         [mandatory]  [single]     [ ]


organization:     ORG-APNIC1-AP 
org-name:         Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
org-type:         RIR 
descr:            Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific region 
country:          AU 
address:          6 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, QLD 4101, Australia 
phone:            +61 7 3858 3100 
fax-no:           +61 7 3858 3199
mnt-ref:          APNIC-HM 
mnt-by:           APNIC-HM 
last-modified:    2018-08-30T07:50:19Z
source:           APNIC


Attribute status


The attribute must be included in the object.

Attribute Description
organization Is the identifier for an organization object.

organization:   ORG-APNIC1-AP
org-name The name of the organization the organization object represents.
org-type Specifies the type of the organisation.

org-type can have one of these values:

  • ‘RIR’ for Regional Internet Registries
  • ‘NIR’ for National Internet Registries
  • ‘LIR’ for Local Internet Registries
  • ‘OTHER’ for all other organisations.
country Two letter ISO 3166 code (link) of the country or economy where the organization is registered.

country:   AU
address Full postal address for the organization.
e-mail Represents the business e-mail for the organization.
mnt-ref References the mntner object which provides a set of authorization tokens used to create references to this organization object in other objects.
mnt-by Lists a registered mntner used to authorize and authenticate changes to this object.
last-modified It is a time stamp that is generated by the system to reflect when the object was last modified.

source The database where the object is registered.

source:   APNIC


The attribute may be deleted from the object.

Attribute Description
descr A short description related about the organization responsible for the organization object.
phone Telephone number for the organization’s business function.

+ <international code> <area code> <phone #>
+ <international code> <area code> <phone #>

phone: +681 386 0844 ext. 32
fax-no Fax number for the organization’s business function

+ <international code> <area code> <fax #>

fax-no: +681 367 1797
org Org attribute that references itself, or another organization.
admin-c The nic-handle of an on-site contact person or role object. There may be more than one admin-c listed.
tech-c The nic-handle of a technical contact person or role object. There may be more than one tech-c listed.
ref-nfy An email address where a notification will be sent when reference to an organization object is added or removed. If there are multiple email addresses then notification will be sent to each of them.
notify The email address to which notifications of changes to the object should be sent.


This object is automatically generated and updated within MyAPNIC only.

Instances of attribute allowed

Attribute must appear only once in the object.
Attribute may appear multiple times in the object. For example, you may wish to include more than one email attribute.


Attribute search status

Primary key
Primary keys distinguish an object from all other objects in the database. To update a primary key, you must delete the entire object and then create a new object with the updated information.
Lookup key
The attribute can be queried in the database to return the object. Please note, however, that a lookup key does not uniquely identify an object.
Inverse key
The attribute can be used when performing an inverse query using the -i flag.

-i mntner <MNTNER-NAME>