Resource ranges by RIR

The following linked text documents show the distribution of Internet resources to the Regional Internet Registries, historical allocations, and reserved resource ranges.

IPv4 IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry
IPv6 IPv6 Top Level Aggregation Identifier Assignments
AS Autonomous System (AS) numbers


Resource ranges and geographical data

APNIC does not provide a service that can accurately map Internet address resources to specific countries. However, each RIR produces monthly reports of the allocations and assignments of IPv4, IPv6, and AS numbers within their region. These data can be used to provide an approximate mapping of the IP addresses to their original allocation location. You are welcome to create scripts that present the data in any way that suits your needs.

The data are a historical summary of the resources allocated, assigned, or reserved, including geographical information. Personal registration data, such as contact details and organization names, are not included.

IP and AS number allocation reports

Region Coverage
APNIC Asia Pacific
ARIN Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States
LACNIC Latin America and the Caribbean
RIPE NCC Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia


  • These reports indicate where resources were first allocated or assigned. It is not intended that these reports be considered an authoritative statement of the location in which any specific resource may currently be in use, as it is beyond the ability of the RIRs to accurately track this.
  • These reports are produced according to the RIR statistics exchange format.
  • APNIC uses an additional code, AP, to allow for networks that operate across more than one country or economy.
  • Browse ISO 3166
    to find the appropriate RIR for your