Troubleshooting APNIC certificates

APNIC will no longer be issuing digital certificates for MyAPNIC authentication from 15 October 2019. We will continue to accept certificates that have already been issued for authentication until they expire. Time based One Time Passwords (TOTP) remain available for multifactor authentication.

My computer crashed and I cannot recover my Digital Certificate. What should I do?

You will need to request a new Digital Certificate by logging into MyAPNIC and going to:

My Profile>Digital certificates>Request a certificate

  • If you are the Corporate Contact of your APNIC account, you will receive an email notification when your request is approved by APNIC.
  • If you are not a Corporate Contact, you will need approval from the Corporate Contact. You will receive an email notification once a Corporate Contact has approved your request.

Upon approval, install the Digital Certificate by logging into MyAPNIC and going to:

My Profile>Digital certificates>Request a certificate

It is advised that you make a backup copy of your Certificate to avoid this problem in the future.

My Safari browser cannot detect the Certificate. What should I do?

Save your CertificateYou need to save your Certificate in the Keychain Access.

  • Right click on your Certificate and select “New Identity Preference…
  • Enter and then click Add.

Please ensure that you quit and reload Safari for the browser to identify the Certificate.

See also: Guide to installing APNIC Digital Certificates in MyAPNIC