Resource registration services

APNIC’s main purpose is to manage the distribution and registration of Internet number resources in the Asia Pacific region. These resources include IPv4, IPv6 addresses and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). It also provides several related services, such as the APNIC Whois Database for IP address look-ups and reverse DNS delegation.

APNIC Resource Quality Assurance (RQA) works to evaluate all address space allocated to APNIC before it is distributed to Members.

Where do IP addresses come from?

Internet addresses are a shared public resource. Effective management and fair access to these resources is vital to the ongoing health of the Internet.

APNIC does not sell Internet addresses. It registers the right to use those resources according to Policies set by the community who use them.

Internet resources are allocated to RIRs (such as APNIC) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

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IPv4 and IPv6 delegation

APNIC either allocates or assigns IP address space.


Address space is considered allocated when an Internet registry or other organization is given the right to use address space for subsequent distribution as either a customer assignment or portable allocation.


Address space is assigned to an organization for specific use within its Internet infrastructure. Assignments must only be made for specific, documented purposes. These addresses may not be re-distributed or sub-assigned.

In both cases, all IPv4 and IPv6 address space distribution must conform to the goals of address space management.

See section 2 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies for more information.

Autonomous System Number (ASN) assignments

An organization is eligible for an AS Number assignment if it is multihomed and has a single, clearly defined routing policy that is different from its provider’s routing policies.

An organization will also be eligible if it can demonstrate that it will meet the above criteria upon receiving an AS Number (or within a reasonable short time thereafter).

See section 4 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies for more information.

Reverse DNS delegation

APNIC provides reverse delegation services to Members and Non-Members that hold IP address space.

APNIC is the master DNS for the Asia Pacific reverse-DNS and supplies secondary DNS servers for other RIRs in the Asia Pacific region.

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APNIC Whois database

The APNIC Whois database is an official record of information regarding organizations that hold IP address resources and AS Numbers in the Asia Pacific.

Users querying the database can determine who is responsible for an IP address range or an AS Number.

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