Resource Quality Check

APNIC Members want to be assured that the resources they are delegated are routable. Although APNIC policy doesn’t guarantee that Internet number resource delegations will be globally routable, APNIC does act to minimize any routability problems.

Assessing usability of APNIC IPv4 blocks

APNIC has evaluated the usability of IPv4 /8 blocks allocated by IANA to APNIC before 2011. Assessment reports are available for future reference.

Ongoing activities

  • Monitoring the use of undelegated APNIC resources
    • APNIC Hostmasters will contact related organizations and request them to stop using the undelegated resources
  • Checking the global routing table from the APNIC router when making delegations
    • APNIC will not delegate resources to Members if they are still being routed

Check the quality of your resources with NetOX

The APNIC Network Operators ToolbOX (NetOX) is a tool powered by RIPEstat , which includes a Resource Quality Check (RQC) section that allows you to check the quality of resources by providing whois, routing status and history, geolocation and blacklist entry information to users through a single web interface.

APNIC NetOX combines information from a range of sources, for example, registry databases, Internet performance measurements, and RIPE’s RIS and ATLAS services. The information is searchable at the level of IP address, IP prefix or ASN, as well as aggregated by economy.

APNIC NetOX is still a work in progress, which will be improved and expanded on based on feedback from the community.

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