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APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific providing Internet number resources to our Members. APNIC Members are entitled to request IP addresses, AS numbers, and other services such as reverse DNS delegation, resource certification and training.

Is APNIC membership a suitable option for my organization?

APNIC delegates resources only to organizations, which are legally present, or have networks located in the APNIC region. Organizations that do not have an APNIC membership account but wish to receive a transfer may submit a request for membership only for this purpose.

Members include Internet Service Providers, mobile/cloud operators, financial institutions, government departments, universities, hosting/data centres and any organization with a significant network infrastructure.

Membership benefits

  • Be in control – greater flexibility and reliability with your own IP addresses
  • Be informed – education opportunities with leading technical experts
  • Be involved – connect with industry colleagues and share best practice

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What is the cost of an APNIC membership?

For new applications, an once off sign-up fee + annual membership fee is payable after your application is approved.

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Application Checklist

Before you start your application, ensure that you have

  1. Checked that you are eligible to apply
  2. Have all of the following documents ready in digital form
  1. Corporate Contact and Secondary Contact Photo ID document (e.g. passport, drivers license, national ID etc)
  2. Certificate of Business Registration
    NOTE: Please also include the English translation of the document if it is not in English.
  3. Employment verification document. Please provide one of the following:
    • Letter of employment
    • Letter from the director of the company authorizing you to apply for APNIC membership
  4. Recent bank statement or utility bills (rent, electricity, or water) issued to your organization.
    NOTE: if you are unable to provide this, please provide other suitable documents that shows your organization has active operations.
  5. Proof of Internet number resource needs (PROVIDE AS MANY AS POSSIBLE):
    • Network plan or diagram(s)
    • Copies of invoices or purchase receipt for the equipment your organization has acquired to support your deployment
    • Signed copy of agreement or contract with service provider(s) to show you have Internet connectivity
    • Internet Exchange Point (IXP) peering agreement (if you are an IXP)
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP) / Telecommunications license
    • Other supporting documents to justify your resource needs

Start your application now

1. Application

Applying for Internet number resources requires extensive validation and information on your network needs. Before you start, it is best if you have the following documents ready for the fastest experience. However, you may still get started on the application form and choose to save and continue on another day when you have all the documents.

2. Evaluation

Average time: 2 to 5 working days

The information you provide in your application will be evaluated. APNIC will contact you regarding approval or if additional information is required.

3. Payment

Average time: due immediately

If your application is approved, you will receive an invoice for your initial membership fee.

4. Completion

Average time: 1 working day

When payment has been received, APNIC will activate your membership and delegate your approved IP Addresses and/or AS Number.

Start your application now

Any organization with a requirement for IP addresses and AS Number for their network infrastructure can benefit from APNIC Membership.

Who are APNIC Members?

Benefits of APNIC Membership

Be in control

Greater flexibility and reliability with your own IP addresses

  • Get your own IP addresses and AS numbers for your network
  • Choose your peering and upstream providers as your IP addresses are portable
  • Reduce the overhead of renumbering your network
  • Manage your Internet number resources and secure routing through the Member-only portal
  • Get Reverse DNS services for your IP addresses
  • Acquire Resource Certification using RPKI for secure routing

Be informed

Educational opportunities with leading technical experts

  • Receive discounted training and free eLearning courses on a wide range of topics such as network security, IPv6, DNS and BGP
  • Access to technical assistance for expert advice on network operational technologies
  • Get the latest research and trends shaping Internet development such as IPv6 and DNSSEC deployment
  • Participate in global IP measurements and other research

Be involved

Connect with industry colleagues and share best practices

  • Network with other operators and industry experts, and share experiences at APNIC conferences and events throughout the year
  • Free registration for up to four conference delegates per membership to the standalone APNIC conference
  • Participate in the Policy Development Process and influence how Internet number resources are managed in the Asia Pacific
  • Guide APNIC’s future direction through participating in APNIC surveys and feedback sessions.

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Do you meet the criteria to receive Internet number resources?

Before applying for Internet number resources, you should refer to the associated policies to determine if you are eligible to receive them.

IPv4 delegation criteria

Criteria for initial LIR delegation

Organizations seeking their first IPv4 allocation must meet the minimum criteria. Organizations must:

  • Have used a /24 (‘slash 24’) from their upstream provider or can demonstrate an immediate need for a /24
  • Have complied with applicable policies in managing all address space previously allocated to it
  • Be able to demonstrate a detailed plan to use a /23 within a year

Criteria for small multihoming delegations

An organization is eligible if:

  • It is currently multihomed, or
  • It is currently using at least a /24 from its upstream provider and intends to be multihomed, or
  • It intends to be multihomed, and advertise the prefixes within 6 months
  • Organizations requesting a delegation under these terms must demonstrate that they are able to use 25% of the requested addresses immediately and 50% within one year

Criteria for Internet Exchange Points (IXP)

  • Internet Exchange Points (IXP) are eligible to receive a delegation from APNIC to be used exclusively to connect the IXP participant devices to the Exchange Point
  • Global routability of the delegation is left to the discretion of the IXP and its participants

Criteria for critical infrastructure

The following critical infrastructure networks, if operating in the Asia Pacific region, are eligible to receive a delegation:

Experiment documented in:

  • Experimental RFC
  • Alternative publication approved by APNIC.

Please contact the APNIC Helpdesk for more information.

Associated policy

[APNIC-127] APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies

IPv6 delegation criteria

Automatic qualifications for IPv6 addresses if you have IPv4 addresses

  • Members with an IPv4 allocation are eligible for a /32 of IPv6
  • Members with an IPv4 assignment are eligible for a /48 of IPv6

Qualification if you don’t have IPv4 or want more than the minimum allocation size

Members receiving only IPv6 address space will:

Members who already hold IPv4 space and are applying for more than the minimum IPv6 allocation size will not pay any resource application fee.

Minimum initial allocation size


  • Must be an LIR
  • Not be an end site
  • Plan to announce IPv6 within two years

To also qualify for an initial allocation of IPv6 address space, an organization must meet one of the two following criteria:

  • Have a plan for making at least 200 assignments to other organizations within two years
  • Be an existing LIR with IPv4 allocations from an APNIC or an NIR, which will make IPv6 assignments or sub-allocations within two years.

Section 9.2 of APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies

Allocation of /32 or greater


  • Should not be an end site
  • Organization must provide comprehensive documentation of planned IPv6 infrastructure that requires a larger allocation, or
  • Organization must provide its existing IPv4 infrastructure and customer base and its intention to move some of its existing IPv4 customers to IPv6 within two years.

Please see Experimental allocations FAQs for more information.
Section 5.7. of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies

IPv6 assignments


APNIC provides four policies under which organizations can receive portable assignments for the organization’s infrastructure.

[APNIC-127] Section 10.0 APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies

Already have IP address space and want more?

Allocations: Subsequent allocations of IPv4 or IPv6 address space depend on certain criteria being fulfilled in accordance with relevant address management policies.

Check criteria for subsequent allocations

Assignments: If you wish to receive additional IPv4 or IPv6 assignments, you can, provided you meet the criteria for one of the three portable assignment policies.

Check criteria for portable assignments

AS numbers


An organization is eligible if it:

  • it is currently multihomed, or
  • it has the need to interconnect with another AS.

An organization will also be eligible if it can demonstrate that it will meet the above criteria upon receiving an ASN (or within a reasonably short time thereafter).
Requests for ASNs under this criteria will be evaluated using the guidelines described in RFC1930 ‘Guidelines for the creation, selection and registration of an Autonomous System’ (AS).

Please see ASN FAQs for more information.

[APNIC-127] APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies

Start your application now

Organizations who are approved for IP addresses or AS number application will be invoiced a sign-up fee AUD 500 (once-off and non-refundable) in addition to the Membership fee calculated based on the size of the approved IP address space.

APNIC Finance Billing FAQs

New Member fee examples at a glance

New Members receiving the following resources

IPv4 IPv6 Sign-Up Fee Annual Membership Fee
2024 2025 2026 2027
/24 (256 addresses) /48 AUD 500 AUD 1,180 AUD 1,236 AUD 1,295 AUD 1,356
/24 (256 addresses) /32 AUD 500 AUD 2,025 AUD 2,137 AUD 2,256 AUD 2,381
/23 (512 addresses) /48 AUD 500 AUD 1,546 AUD 1,625 AUD 1,709 AUD 1,797
/23 (512 addresses) /32 AUD 500 AUD 2,025 AUD 2,137 AUD 2,256 AUD 2,381

All APNIC Members pay annual membership fee to renew the membership. By renewing the membership, Members are entitled to access all APNIC services including the use of IP addresses and AS numbers. The annual membership fee is calculated based on the total IPv4 or IPv6 address holdings in the account.

Estimate your fees

The Member fee calculator is available for you to estimate your annual renewal fee. This estimate is based on all your IP resource holdings. This calculator is not to be used for estimating the fee for a new Member. To estimate the fee for a new Member, please add AUD 500.

Important information

  • A Member who holds no IPv4 addresses and no IPv6 addresses will be invoiced the Associate Membership Fee of AUD 500.
  • The minimum annual fee for Members holding IP address space is AUD 1,180.
  • AS Numbers and experimental allocations of IP addresses are not included in the assessment of a Member’s annual fee.
  • Organizations located in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) receive a 50% discount on their APNIC Member fees as described in section 1.5 of the APNIC Member Fee Schedule. The list of LDCs is defined and maintained by the United Nations Statistics division.
  • All fees are charged in Australian Dollars (AUD). All such fees must be made in cleared funds, without any deduction or set-off, and free and clear of any taxes, levies, duties, charges, fees, and withholdings of any nature imposed by any bank, financial institution, Governmental, or other body. If such deductions are made, then you must pay to APNIC such additional amounts as are necessary to ensure that APNIC receives the full amount which APNIC would have received but for the deduction.
  • Australian organizations are required to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) on all APNIC fees.

To learn how your fees are calculated, please see the membership fee schedule.

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