National Internet Registries

APNIC staff attend and often present at National Internet Registry (NIR) meetings across the Asia Pacific region.

These presentations are available for download in both PDF and PPT format.

TWNIC OPM and IPv6 Summit 2013
Taipei, Taiwan
04 December 2013
  • IPv6 Deployment: Where are we now?
    (PDF 3.0 MB)
VNNIC Members meeting
Hanoi, Viet Nam
26 July 2013
  • APNIC update
    (PDF 788.1 KB)
Taipei, Taiwan
12 July 2013
  • APNIC update
    (PDF 1.0 MB)
Taipei, Taiwan
02 December 2010
  • APNIC Update
    (PPTX 2.0 MB, pdf 2.0 MB)
TWNIC 14th Open Policy Meeting
Taipei, Taiwan

1-2 July 2010
  • APNIC Update (PDF 1.1MB, PPT 1.2MB)
JPNIC Open Policy Meeting
Tokyo, Japan

July 2007
  • APNIC Allocation and Policy Update (PDF 330KB, PPT 409KB)
CNNIC Open Policy Meeting
Hangzhou, China

November 2006
  • APNIC Update (Chinese traditional characters)PDF 9.3MB, PPT 1.3MB)
NIDA Internet Governance Seminar
Seoul, Korea

June 2006
  • The geography and governance of Internet addresses (PDF 10MB, PPT 1.4MB)
TWNIC Conference
Taipei, Taiwan

March 2005
  • IPv6 address management – Is there a better way? (PDF 4.7MB, PPT 1.0MB)
  • The Internet model for stability and future growth (PDF 5.5MB, PPT 1.1MB)
TWNIC 3rd Open Policy Meeting
Taipei, Taiwan

November 2004
  • APNIC policy update (PDF 1.0MB)
  • How to use the BGP community attribute (PDF 1.3MB)
  • Privacy of customer assignments (PDF 1.1MB)
TWNIC Open Policy Meeting
Taipei, Taiwan

December 2003
  • The APNIC Internet routing registry (PDF 367KB, PPT 353KB)
  • APNIC policy update (PDF 390KB, PPT 489KB)
JPNIC Open Policy Meeting 4
Tokyo, Japan

July 2003
  • APNIC Status Report PDF 1.2MB, PPT 902KB)
  • RIRs Statistics and Policy update (PDF 463KB, PPT 1.5MB)