Training Sponsorship

Sponsoring a training event allows you to partner with APNIC, a highly trusted organisation in the Internet Community, and expose your organization to an audience of receptive Internet professionals.

One of APNIC’s core objectives is to build the skills, knowledge and understanding of the Asia Pacific Internet Community by delivering effective training programs.

APNIC Training is offered to our membership base of more than 10,000 ISPs, content providers, domain registries, government regulators and members of the wider Internet Community. We have a full time staff of trainers that travel across the region presenting an annual program, which includes courses in several technical areas:

  • Internet Resource Management, IRR and RPKI
  • Routing, switching and MPLS
  • IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  • DNS and DNSSEC deployment
  • Network security and incident handling
  • New technologies, i.e, SDN, NFV and Virtualization (available from end of 2016)

The majority of APNICs training events are organised in partnership with local hosts.

Being a local host enables you to:

  • Opportunity to highlight your organisation’s profile and engage with members of the Internet Community from your region
  • Complimentary attendance
  • Display your corporate logo on
  • Coverage on APNIC’s blog

Click here for more information on APNIC Training sponsorship tiers and benefits. APNIC workshops must be open to individuals outside your organisation. Contact for more information.

Previous sponsors

PDI; OPT; APJII; Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter; BT; Internet Society India Bangalore Chapter; MekongNet; MobiNet; Myren; NIX; NREN; MN Domain Registry; DataCom; Redlink; CallPlus; ICIT; International Training Institute; NIXI; Asian Pacific Telecomunicatons; Internet Society Kolkata Chapter; MaxBIT; Institute Teknologi Bandung; Thir Sar Yar Zar; LANIC; CNNIC; AITI; icam; NUST; Internet Society Pakistan Islamabed Chapter; Tuvalu Telecom; PITA; jtupitdt; TSKL; IDC Indonesia; MyIX; SLNG; Habib University; Edulink International Campus; Lagoon; MLS; NITPAA; LUMS; AUAF; PTA