Host an APNIC Conference

APNIC arranges two conferences each year – the first as part of the APRICOT conference, usually held in Feb/Mar, and the standalone APNIC conference, usually held in August-October.

Each event comprises a workshop week, conference sessions, Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions, and an APNIC Member meeting.

Rotation policy

APNIC’s August/September meeting is rotated around the four sub-regions of the Asia Pacific (as defined by APNIC) to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for APNIC Members and community to attend. APRICOT conferences (where APNIC holds its first meeting of the year) also rotate around the region but do not follow a set pattern.

APNIC (Aug/Sep)
2024 Oceania
2025 South East Asia
2026 South Asia
2027 East Asia
2028 Oceania
2029 South East Asia
2030 South Asia

APRICOT (February–March)

The location for APRICOT conferences are chosen by the APRICOT Board between one and three years before the event.

APNIC standalone meeting (Aug–Sep)

At a minimum of two years before a future APNIC meeting, the APNIC Executive Council (EC) provides locations suggestions (within the scheduled subregion) to the Secretariat to investigate for the meeting.

The Secretariat researches each suggested location using various criteria including:

  • Ease of travel / flight routes
  • Visa requirements
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Safety / Travel advisories
  • Political stability
  • Venue suitability, availability, and quality
  • Required suppliers
  • Number of APNIC Members in host country
  • Whether the location has hosted an APNIC conference before
  • Budget and sponsorship

During the research period, the Secretariat usually holds informal discussions with potential hosts in each location to gather information. A summary of the potential locations is then presented to the EC, who choose a location for that meeting and a backup location, in case of any unexpected need to relocate.

If an event needs to relocate

If conditions to hold a meeting in a chosen economy deteriorate, and the EC determines the meeting can no longer be held in the chosen location, APNIC will move the meeting (if possible) to another location.

APNIC meetings require a significant amount of planning and organization to deliver, and any decision to relocate a meeting can impact delegates’ travel plans and visa requirements. For these reasons, the timing of when a decision to relocate a meeting is made has a significant bearing on the choices available to the Secretariat.

Timing of decision to relocate APNIC Action
Up until three months before the meeting The backup location determined by the EC, if still appropriate and viable, becomes the new location for the meeting. If not, then a new location in the sub-region is chosen.
Within three months of the meeting Preference is given to the backup location and the selected subregion, however all viable locations in the APNIC region to arrange the meeting in a short period of time can be considered. Delegate expense, travel and visa requirements are a prime consideration.
Within a month of the meeting Any location in the APNIC region can be considered for the meeting if there is enough time to move it. Costs, venue availability, equipment shipping times, delegate travel and visa requirements are a prime consideration. The EC can also decide to hold the meeting online instead, or postpone / cancel.

APNIC keeps the interests of Members – both locals and travelling Members – in mind at all times throughout this process to minimize Member inconvenience and expense. At the same time, the new location chosen must be safe and maintain the event quality standards to which Members are accustomed.

For an APRICOT conference, a similar process is followed where APRICOT and APNIC work together on new arrangements. The decision to relocate a conference is determined by the APRICOT Board, in consultation with APNIC.

Get involved and host a conference

If you are considering partnering with APNIC to host a conference, please see this comprehensive guide to help with your decision making. The main responsibilities of the host are the provision of local support and commitment so that APNIC can manage the meeting properly. The local partner must commit certain resources to the event but is not expected to take the lead role in financial or event management for the conference. The APNIC Secretariat will work closely with the hosts to ensure the conference arrangements run smoothly.

Contact us

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