Recording network assignments

Records of Internet number resources administered in the Asia Pacific region are contained in the publicly searchable APNIC Whois Database, specifically:

  • inetnum objects for IPv4 address space allocations and assignments
  • inet6num objects for IPv6 address space allocations and assignments
  • aut-num objects for AS numbers (ASNs)

Accurate resource registration is one of the fundamental goals of Internet resource management. Whois registration requirements are outlined in the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies.

APNIC and NIRs create inetnum, inet6num and aut-num objects for direct delegations to their Members. Those delegations are portable. Members can freely choose their upstream providers.

Members are responsible for registering sub-allocations and assignments that are delegated to their own network infrastructure or customers. Delegations make by the Members are non-portable. Customers need to return their resources to the Members if they are no longer connected with the Member.

The status field in the inetnum/inet6num objects describe whether the addresses are portable or non-portable, and allocated or assigned. There are four combinations of the status field. If the status is ‘allocated’, then further delegations can be registered. If the status is ‘assigned’, you cannot make further delegations. Please see the table and diagram below for more details.

Status Who can create? Further delegation?
Allocated-Portable APNIC/NIRs Yes
Assigned-Portable APNIC/NIRs No
Allocated-Non-Portable Members Yes (infrastructure only) *
Assigned-Non-Portable Members No

* The downstream customer is not permitted to further allocate the address space according to the current policy.