Recording network assignments

Records of numeric Internet resources from ranges administered in the Asia Pacific region are contained in the publicly searchable APNIC Whois Database, specifically:

  • inetnum objects for IP Address space allocations and assignments
  • aut-num objects for AS numbers (ASNs)

Before creating inetnum objects for assignments or sub-allocations to customers, you will be required to submit an SOR (Second Opinion Request) if your AW(Assignment Window) is smaller than the number of IP addresses you plan on delegating.

Accurate resource registration is of the fundamental goals of Internet resource management. Therefore, it is mandatory to record customer/end user assignments in the database. Current policies require APNIC Members to maintain accurate customer assignment records.

Please see ‘10.1 LIR address space management‘ in the policy document ‘Policies for IPv4 address space management in the Asia Pacific region’.

APNIC enters the inetnum objects for portable allocations and assignments in the APNIC Whois Database, but Members are responsible for registering the sub-allocations and assignments that are delegated to their customers.

The status field in the inetnum object describes whether the addresses are portable or non-portable.

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