Resource quality assurance

As the pool of IPv4 addresses has been exhausted, concerns associated with the use of recently allocated address blocks may increase.  The levels of unwanted traffic and various forms of packet and routing filters may be affecting some of these addresses.

APNIC understands the importance of providing high quality service for their Members and the community and we are working to evaluate the usability of all address space allocated to APNIC before it is distributed to Members.

APNIC acts to minimize any routability problems through communication, training, and testing.

Responsible address filtering

Now that all IANA space has been allocated to the RIRs and that the only unallocated blocks of IPv4 left in the Asia Pacific region, are the ‘Final /8’ allocations, you should stop any form of bogon filtering, as the IETF has recently recommended in the RFC6441 “Time to Remove Filters for Previously Unallocated IPv4 /8s” which described the current best practice. To ensure that addresses are not mistakenly filtered through routers, it is important that all members of the technical community keep their router Access Control Lists (ACLs) updated.

The final list of IANA allocations is available to make the final update to your filters. Team Cymru maintains a list called Fullbogons which includes IP space that has been allocated to an RIR, but not assigned by that RIR to an actual ISP or other end-user.

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