Supporting Network Operator Groups

Network Operator Groups (NOGs) are informal forums that bring together network operators, network engineers and other technical professionals to discuss matters relating to routing, network security, peering and interconnection, and other operational Internet issues. While the forums are generally structured around sharing relevant technical information, they also provide training and other skills development opportunities to the region’s operators.

NOGs promote Internet infrastructure stability, security, and network coherence, and facilitate better Internet accessibility for the community. They are open to all, including students, and are attended by various stakeholders including representatives of ISPs, telcos, mobile operators, CDNs, academia, governments, and cloud, enterprise, and financial organizations.

APNIC engagement

APNIC is committed to supporting the region’s NOGs. On behalf of its Members, APNIC actively supports NOGs in the region by:

  • Providing financial support through sponsorship
  • Contributing to the NOG fellowship program
  • Presenting best current practices and sharing deployment experience
  • Conducting hands-on workshops on IPv6, routing, network security, IPv4/IPv6 BGP, and more
  • Supporting skills development to build reliable Internet infrastructure

NOGs in the region

Below is a list of NOGs currently active in the Asia Pacific region. If you are interested in setting up a NOG in your economy and want to know how APNIC can help, please contact us.


Name Region Covered Event Website
SANOG South Asia Bi-annual link
PacNOG Oceania (excluding Australia and New Zealand) Bi-annual link


Name Economy Event Website
AusNOG Australia Annual link
BdNOG Bangladesh Bi-annual link
btNOG Bhutan Annual link
HKNOG Hong Kong Annual link
IDNOG Indonesia Annual link
INNOG India Annual link
JANOG Japan Bi-annual link
KHNOG Cambodia Annual link
KRNOG South Korea Annual link
LANOG Laos Annual link
LKNOG Sri Lanka Annual link
MMNOG Myanmar Annual link
mnNOG Mongolia Annual link
MyNOG Malaysia Annual link
npNOG Nepal Annual link
NZNOG New Zealand Annual link
phNOG Philippines Annual link
PNGNOG Papua New Guinea Annual link
SGNOG Singapore Annual link
ThaiNOG Thailand Annual link
TWNOG Taiwan Annual link
VNIX-NOG Viet Nam Annual link

NOGs in the Asia Pacific